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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Saepe -

    Replied to a comment by Saepe on Saepe’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    rap monster, the leader of kpop superstars bts (bangtan sonyeondan, eng: bangtan boys or bulletproof boy scouts) is known for his intelligence. he graduated among the top students in korea and he reportedly has an iq of 148
  • eggpaw. -

    Replied to the thread ONLY TWO OPTIONS : WIN OR DIE | plot with a peanut.

    friends with eggie? they're about the same age too
  • melodic wolves. -

    Replied to the thread MurkyClan || Semi-advanced || Roleplay.

    //think leaf's gonna crush on kinktree Leafdapple spotted kinktree, and padded over. "Good morning, how are you doing today?" She asked him, as she sat down beside him. Perhaps he'd want to go on a patrol with her, and they could take sparrowpaw and
  • Maxxie Boi -

    Replied to the thread More Than Physical. [ PAFP ] [ G X G X G ].

    Ashlynn watched as her parents looked up to the girl, her father raising a eyebrow in surprise though a welcoming smile quickly spread across his face. "Oh! Sorry, didn't expect Ash to bring anyone over.. She usually tells us." He apologized as he stood
  • pen. -

    Replied to the thread suggestion!.

    yeah i love that idea! feel free to get it set up asap! mobile
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Private for Red Phantom Wolf.

    She gently placed the keys into his hand. "Yes you can."
  • Jonathan Toews. -

    Replied to the thread funny thing ;; open - scarclanner.

    Jonathan Toews Toews | pronounced as tayvz
    ScarClan did not know why they were enemies? Jonathan would raise an invisible eyebrow at this, as he looked over at the ScarClan Leader with a swish of his tail. Perhaps Unknowncrimes were not apart of
  • MACK -

    Replied to the thread plot with the nurse shark?.

    Therapy with Mack? He's depressed so it would help
  • Hydrogen -

    Replied to the thread Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

    The Breton cleaned the his hands shivering to the cold a bit. "Shall he start heading out?" He asked as he got up and walked up to the cave examining the stag corpse left by the family of trolls. Xariel nodded his head as he left the caves mouth and…
  • pen. -


    lol it's a struggle hey, welcome to blizzardclan, cyan! i'll post in your thread after school! good morning you guys! rip i just finished another pre-calc lesson mobile