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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    Cities Have Fallen
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    Replied to the thread The winter calls me closer~ {Male needed PAFP semi adv}.

    Miah grunted slightly "Yeah..i was by the revine. They were in jeeps and had rounded us up. Then they chased and started shoting"She sighed. "I wish I could shift back. It feels wrong to be human now"she frowned "I dont know how you stand it Seb" she…
  • FadedDreams -

    Replied to the thread Ill-Fated || Experiment Thread RP|| Advanced.

    ISAAC “Do whatever you like.” Isaac responded as his dark eyes moved from Elliot's weak form to the spider that was within the cage. He decided to test Elliot’s vitals before letting Lilith back onto her host. They had been forcing nourishment into…
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    Replied to the thread Count to a million!.

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    Replied to the thread lazy's too lazy to lazy anymore [come have some fun please].

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    oh shit waddup
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    Posted the thread what's behind [p, kate] door number two?.

    newt - he/him - tagsToday was a very special day for the tom, and if not special, it was at least unusual. Why? It was mostly because he had only done this sort of thing once or twice before. In preparation, he had sent out a note to Kate this morning
  • xSxndy -

    Replied to the thread A Little Too Late (BxB PAFP).

    The pink haired male walked silently amongst the hallways, his attention averted from where he was going. Not many people had arrived yet and he was bored. Without realizing it, he crashed into another taller figure, causing himself to fall into the…
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    oho rip i'm mobile right now (still playing overwatch because my habits are healthy i tell you)- i'll be sure to check it out later cx TRUE tbh i get so carried away over super minor things in bios xp ESP au stuff on god i could go on for days with au…
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    Replied to the thread lazy's too lazy to lazy anymore [come have some fun please].

    Bringing this back just because!