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help me with a fancy template?


I Must Protect! PAFP |Male Needed|


Legendary Warriors

flσσя 100, iмρσรรiblє.. яigнт? (ρ)


Blue Pearl

beneath the stains of time [x] INJURED JOINER





Literal Dogfish

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  • MarMar -

    Posted the thread help me with a fancy template?.

    so im using one of asuka's templates but their credit isn't showing up? i made sure the color wasn't transparent or something around the text. it's still there but it doesn't show up and it's concerning
  • Legendary Warriors -

    Replied to the thread I Must Protect! PAFP |Male Needed|.

    hmm, that could work, she would stay by his side as much as she can and perform more often...and she'd probably send him flowers Sazuka listened to his cruel story and gaped at how cruelly betrayed he was, "I'm sorry," she told him, seeing how selfish…
  • Blue Pearl -

    Replied to the thread flσσя 100, iмρσรรiblє.. яigнт? (ρ).

    M'kay c: Kent then moved to entertwine their fingers, glad to be with her like this again... even as he knew this had probably still created problems between them, moving to stand now. Mikasa moved to stand herself after he had done that.
  • velleity -

    Replied to the thread beneath the stains of time [x] INJURED JOINER.

    Honeyheart knew "speak of the devil and he shall come," and despite being nowhere near the devil, she always had a knack for timing. The pale calico approached at the scent of blood, confusion washing over her face. The she-cat wth Freckleface was…
  • Literal Dogfish -

    Replied to the thread OTHERWORLDLY — pafp.

    Caelus hummed in reply, glanced up for a brief moment, and pursed his lips. Holding him like this would result in Andrew slipping and falling to his doom, so he'd need to figure out another way. After a few moments the Heli decided to hook his arms under…
  • idiosyncrasy ! -

    Liked Rin Rose’s post in the thread oreo meme family chat 2.0.

    Like (Post)
    oh shez waddup
  • Fortinbras L. -

    Replied to the thread wish away these troubling nightmares | joining, open.

    "Mmm, welcome to Westeros, Chalez." Fortinbras did not use the dragon's title 'sir', but he did offer a sincere but weary smile, moving over at a steady pace in Percy's wake. "Our territory is very expansive and encompasses plenty of buildings, but I
  • machi. -

    Replied to the thread quick question.

    I don't think we have the themes because I haven't seen them :)
  • Lunawolf1 -

    Replied to the thread Mahou academy for the different (private).

    He kept struggling wide eyed as they just... disappeared.
  • Oswald the lucky rabbit -

    Replied to the thread Having a bit of an error.

    Ahh so glad to know im not he only one experincing this. Thanks . Its kinda upsetting as I wanna get into a new rp i just joine dbut i cant because i will instantly get flooded from having to wait a few moments oh well nvermind then i guess I stand…