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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    Replied to the thread I COULD GO OFF THE DEEP END [o, game time].

    The black widow aapproached calmly. Her fangs clicked happily to see Jane hosting a little game for everyone to join. Well, she certainly never heard of this one before but she was willing to try it out. "Guess it's a lucky thing for me that I cannot eat
  • I've had this issue for a while now, and I've just been ignoring it hoping that it would just sort of go away, but now it's just beginning to bug me because I feel liker I might be portraying my character wrong to make people think this... but how does
  • Scxrii -

    Replied to the thread More Than Physical. [ PAFP ] [ G X G X G ].

    The sudden lashing out made Eugene stunned, her eyes slowly dwindling from their once happy looking and warming stature. Even though it hurt a bit, Eugene felt herself smile, because damn it, she needed to get that girl out of her head. So she finished
  • -ROXANNE -

    Replied to the thread VANGUARD | OPEN, CHAOS.

    She barely had time to shapeshift. She winced against the pain, shaking her pelt out. She rolled to one side, avoiding Littlestar's charge. "My turn!" Growing, growing, growing. Now she was a dragoness. Smirking, she would attempt to bring Littlestar's
  • Seamint! -

    Replied to the thread want to be part of this color-themed squad?.

    Ah! That's a lovely personality! I think she should maybe have a Scottish terrier body because that reminds me of my own scotty or a Brittany spaniel?
  • tempest ! -

    Replied to the thread hey there :::3c.

    pair-of-dyce //ithinkurwatchingmealreadytho

    Replied to the thread YouTuber Thread — Plot && Chat Thread — Members Only.

    Just finished Markimoo's stream :^))
  • CASSIDY L. -

    Replied to the thread words of wisdom • private [the fingers].

    Cassidy did her best to bow back, but in her current position of topheavy quilliness, the small animal instead toppled over, and hit her nose on the ground, sneezing very unceremoniously. "Do forgive my manners." She squeaked awkwardly. The spiny female
  • Eliza -

    Replied to the thread You're not from around here... {PAFP male needed}.

    Eve allowed her gaze to return to him. "Why would you do that?" Immediately realising how rude that sounded, her eyes softened and reach moved as though she was going to touch his arm. "I'm sorry, that was rude..."
  • ReaperEzra -

    Replied to the thread When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid..

    Mikaela just hummed and gently gripped his hand.