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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Knightingale -

    Replied to the thread {Private, for septiplieraway}.

    Robert laughed "sure J" he said "whatever you say"
  • Jaggedsight -

    Replied to the thread [&] THE SANCTUM CHAT & PLOT THREAD.

    Four whole pages? You guys are fast
  • Knightingale -

    Replied to the thread Catch me, but you can't keep me {BxB PAFP}.

    Robert grinned "I'm going to hold you up to that" he said and kissed him fully on the lips.
  • ELLIOT. -

    Replied to the thread out of sight - elliot.

    THIS TIME I'LL BE BULLETPROOF Elliot actually felt like crying, this guy was so damn innocent. "You have a lot to learn. Where the hell d'ya even come from?" she asked. (c)trexgirl
  • KairosLion -

    Replied to the thread The Lion King: Kiara's Reign (KOPA NEEDED!).

    Cool, thanks for understanding. We can start whenever you'd like.
  • ELLIOT. -

    Replied to the thread don'tcha' think? - private , elliot.

    THIS TIME I'LL BE BULLETPROOF // no no no it's fine!! The skewered sea creature hung limply from her claw, and Eli shivered, before flinging it off in a random direction. "Geez, that was creepy as heck," she said lowly, shivering once more. It had felt
  • StubbornMuttz -

    Replied to the thread Cities Have Fallen (RP Thread,Dog RP, Open to Everyone).

    Mute my Beaten life
    Mute casted a few glances towards the one named Arlo, then towards Zion. Rumbling stomach forgotten mute edged a smidge closer to the
  • MiladyKinishi -

    Replied to the thread Contravention (A Multifandom RP) ROLEPLAY.

    "Here, I have a better way," Kasumi beckoned, holding up a small, compact device. "Integrate it, and you can teleport here. The only way here is through teleportation. We don't exactly have front doors. Or back doors. Or windows." Kel'Neux looked over…
  • louise. -

    Replied to the thread DARLING! - open, joining.

    louise w.k.p.h.p.g.n.m . shadowclan, bloodclan, and the rift . duskreacher [shc] member [bc] member [tr] KEEP TALKING SMACK, I DONT GIVE A SHIT — tags
    no offense to mako, but louise looked a hell of a lot intimidating than him. sharpened teeth poking
  • "When am I ever not up to no good" Tony replied "and come on, J I should throw a party"