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Pinned OOC] The Foundation's Chatting/Shipping/Plotting Thread


Technically Timur

ησтнιηg мσяє тнαη ρяєу || private



they don't know what's it like to be young // p, ruinedcub



interest check in this plot family??



flσσя 100, iмρσรรiblє.. яigнт? (ρ)



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  • Technically Timur -

    Replied to the thread OOC] The Foundation's Chatting/Shipping/Plotting Thread.

    Plopping back in here because why not I actually forgot I had blaze here too whoops
  • tootin -

    Replied to the thread ησтнιηg мσяє тнαη ρяєу || private.

    okay thanks!

    Replied to the thread they don't know what's it like to be young // p, ruinedcub.

    "Pork? I'm sure we can get some pork there. Perhaps take a few pieces home for you, too? How would you like that?" Jaehaerys suggested. The child had simple tastes, which he was happy about. Flicking his tail slightly, he continued onwards, nodding
  • Pyre -

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    you're cool
  • honkfriend -

    Liked UnshackledDynamo’s post in the thread Conversation limit?.

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    Quote from Pyre: “is it the number of separate conversations or the times you and the other person reply that count towards filling it up? ” If I understand correctly, it's the number of separate Conversations that you have going, regardless of who…
  • bubba -

    Replied to the thread interest check in this plot family??.

    mildly interested tracking?
  • tootin -

    Replied to the thread flσσя 100, iмρσรรiblє.. яigнт? (ρ).

    ooc; I sent you an invite to the remake of the zombie thread, if you didn't get it, let me know :3 After he did that, Milei still kept her gaze on his. She still loved him, even when he had ignored her for the time he had. Misato went to reach for

    Replied to the thread we are family ; OFFICIAL BLIZZARDCLAN CHAT THREAD.

    Ahh I love Hetalia! Originally Sweetophelia was partially based off of Nyotalia France actually, but I remember making a Hungary for a Feli x Deutschland litter but unfortunately ThunderClan was way too fast for me at the time; welcome to BlizzardClan
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread ❥Hєяє, Ƙιтту Ƙιтту [Ƥ].

    (You will get a notification when I reply and you will also find any threads you're in under Watched Threads. To find that, go into forums and you'll see it at the top of the page. You can also watch other people's threads without making a post in them…
  • Peridot. -

    Replied to the thread Your Me?! And Im suppoused ot be you?! p.

    Jack walked back in and looked at them. They looked at him strangely. "What?" He asked, looking around. The toothfairy sat on a chair, North was standing near the globe, and the others were beside him. "You're blushing."