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  • cygnus -

    Replied to the thread Return of a broken soldier {Private}.

    Madeleine watched Charlie approach her and she smiled, closing the space between them down to a few inches. She greeted him with a small peck on his cheek, mindful that this was his workplace. "Hello, dear. It is safe to say that dysentery will be a
  • Miss Ririchiyo -

    Replied to the thread ★ WHO LOVES THE SUN + premade avatars.

    if u would ever be so kind as to make silver/white bengal pls i love u ty
  • Dylana (Hidden Content) Cove (Hidden Content)
  • Phaset -

    Replied to the thread Together We'll Travel.

    Ozzy nodded at her and quickly started eating up his breakfast, hastily and fairly sloppily too. In the end, once he was done, he even licked the remains off much like a dog.
  • Stroke -

    Liked april .’s post in the thread ✰ feralfront movie night (remake) ✰.

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    as i promised last thursday, i'm gonna show mob psycho 100 tonight (since it won the poll!) at 6:30 or 7:00 CST! you guys are welcome to come c: i'll post the link around those times
  • Squisheh -

    Replied to the thread The Hidden Realm: Rewritten //Roleplay Thread// Sign up Link Inside.

    Lennox nodded quickly. "I'll be back as soon as I can to help you here." And with that she back tracked until the wolf and Myvillion were a safe distance before turning and jogging to camp. "Warriors! Meet at the campfire! NOW!" Her voice boomed as she
  • was -

    Liked 00SpookyHornets00’s post in the thread Need Some Character Inspirations.

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    I hope this sparks some ideas ^^*; You could do an animal which is like a lizard in appearance, but the size of an average dog, with light pink ombre to orange soft scales. It could have a short, stubby tail and two arms and two legs, as well as a…
  • was -

    Liked Skypher !’s post in the thread Need Some Character Inspirations.

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    This probably doesnt count but hey maybe it will help you with something. I have a made up spices that the two little fellas in my profile picture are. They're Trillaphylic Bipolyhedrons. Or... triangular shape that stands on two legs... I'm not very…
  • Borealis -

    Replied to the thread the thief and the muse.

    "I still have magic. I have to go, it's like two magnets being pulled together." He said
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread Such innocence [Bxb Pafp] is sad.

    He himself went out and into the woods, making sure to bring a weapon with him.