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1x1 Rp (male wanted!)



Wait, you are a fusion?


Blue Pearl

Sign Up - 9 H[o]urs, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Roleplay - Mayday! This Ship Is Slowly Sinking



Forbidden Love ~Private RP for TheWolves


The Wolves

The Hidden Realm: Rewritten //Roleplay Thread



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  • ebony -

    Replied to the thread 1x1 Rp (male wanted!).

    "Come on!" The pilot called. Colton grabbed his duffle bag and hopped inside. He headed to the back and began to change. He shoved the suit in the duffle bag and they entered the air. He ran a hand through his hair after strapping on his tools and…
  • honkfriend -

    Liked Monaco’s post in the thread For anyone who's confused about the transfer.

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    old.feralfront.com/index.php?topic=2452979.0 The thread above might help! I found it while looking for some stuff that might help answer my own questions so if you're wondering why FF went through a transfer and what to expect/what it took you can look…
  • Blue Pearl -

    Replied to the thread Wait, you are a fusion?.

    Don't know. Mahogany seemed to give somewhat of a gentle smile at that, "I am." She responded, rather moving to place one of her hands on a hip.
  • Thanks for the help. And yes, it's very helpful :) Will let you know when editing is done...
  • The Wolves -

    Replied to the thread Forbidden Love ~Private RP for TheWolves.

    I just can't see an angel swearing) Esther sighs. "That pup of yours will be fine." she said with ease. She went to keep walking, not even bothered when a group of rough looking guys walked up to them. Esther barely caste them a glance before growing…
  • Orokana -

    Replied to the thread The Hidden Realm: Rewritten //Roleplay Thread.

    Hollond slowly nodded his head placing a gentle hand on the shaken male's head. "It's alright... Now, now... Don't cry..." Hollond cooed as he spread his arms wide and held a sympathetic look on his face, "Would you feel better with a hug?" His head…
  • Pyre -

    Replied to the thread Conversation limit?.

    okie, thanks for the quick reply!
  • honkfriend -

    Liked kyn’s post in the thread forum 'number'.

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    In the forum tab there's a little eye with a line crossed through it. If you hover it says Forum On/Off You can check or uncheck boards you want and don't want to see, and you don't get the notifs if you turn the board off. However, that turns the entire…
  • ~treble~ -

    Replied to the thread you're it! {open, tag}.

    Cyrus laughed, stepping back to watch for a bit. "Go ahead. You'll be faster than me, anyway. Maybe go for the fireferra- she gets a bit close." He figured that since he was dragging her into this, he might as well give her some advice.
  • TheRealFrank -

    Replied to the thread subaccount issue?.

    Did you use this userid@internal.feralfront.com? If you didn't it wouldn't have worked. That's what you put for email.