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    Replied to the thread StarClan Never Spoke ~ Open;; Medicine Cat Needed.

    ”Hm… well I’m leaving this decision up to my medicine cat, however in the future I would appreciate you waiting on the fourtrees side of the border and not wandering into our territory… I understand you are a medicine cat, but tresspassing is
  • Eliza -

    Replied to the thread This was no accident.... {PRIVATE}.

    Angelica looked over at Caspian. "I'm thinking that probably isn't going to be a coincidence."

    Replied to the thread IN MY CROWN || blizzardclan ambassador.

    "Most likely." The savannah mused as he slowly made his way over after following the smell of Blizzardclan. He had taken his time with making his way over, though not because he didn't see this as important. He had been trying to scratch himself along
  • The Raven -

    Replied to the thread Master and Servant (GxB, male vampire needed).

    Anora kissed him back, the need for air the only thing that made her pull back, but even then she pushed her lips back against his.
  • Emberpool -

    Replied to the thread All the little things || Emberpool.

    "Okay," the medic replied, occasionally looking back at Ninja. Emberpool could have made fun of his apprentice, like he does to every other person he meets, but he decided not to. He was here to train the other tom and would try his best to keep his
  • Pride&Prejudice -

    Replied to the thread *School of Magic RP*.

    Mary made her sythes disappear. "I will check on him." She sprinted in his direction Angel hanged back even if no one could really see her other then Cinon. "Cameron." Mary breathed out tried knocking on his door.
  • PIERCE- -

    Replied to the thread VALLEY FORGE // P, WISTERIA.

    Too cold. Pierce's pawpads ached against the icy snow, his bones stiff. He usually felt exhilarated by the crisp, cool air, but whoever controlled the weather was taking it way too far. Snow and wind, okay, but not this cold of wind. Another shudder
  • Emmadagood -

    Replied to the thread Create a clan: gathering.

  • Dawnfeather -

    Replied to the thread HALO WARS - open, sharing tongues.

    I myself had begun to notice a little bit more of a plumpness to my body. Not enough to cause any significant issue, I could still chase a rabbit with ease and flee from a fox with swift leaps and bounds, but there was a little more thump in my step - I…
  • Whymsical -

    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    BeechClan and ReedClan defiantly shouldn't be Allies :/