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  • Creature -

    Replied to the thread The Only Way to Have a Friend...Is to be One (Sun/Moon RPG).

    Zeron continued to allow Hau to pet it for a few more moments before it took a step back, tilting its head once more at the term which the boy had used. Ooc: Yep.
  • -Badgerpaw. -

    Replied to the thread Free trad. art!.

    If you want you could draw badgerpaw? His tuxedo fur is sleek and mostly jet black with snow white on his for-paws, a white chest that stops at his shoulder blades, a white tail tip, and the white muzzle and blaze shown in his profile picture. His eyes…
  • kiri1109 -

    Replied to the thread Not your Average Ghoul |Ayato x Oc| [Ayato Needed].

    She stared in surprise as the cup crashed against the floor. "Dont worry about it, it is just a cup."she said, dismissively. She looked to him, "Is something wrong, Ayato? It isn't exactly an everyday thing for someone to break a cup.."she said, sounding…
  • veronika -

    Replied to the thread the chapel is full of flowers and sage || joining.

    ver had only been here - what, a few days? she had already experienced the luxury of clan life - despite it being leafbare. although the prey was scarce, it was more than she ever ate back a week ago. she felt her ribs slowly fade out of view - they
  • Storm@ -

    Replied to the thread GO FOR GOLD — OLYMPICS VILLAGE HUMAN AU.

    "Oh... S-Sorry", Storm replied as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. He was tense, making him even more oblivious than he already was. Turning towards the others that had arrived, the man would nod. This were his first and probably last…
  • outer! -

    Replied to the thread Vampire x Human.

    "Speaking" - Thinking - Narrative
    "Woah, this is beautiful, Serena!" Lucia looked the dress up and down. She didn't even notice it was her size.
  • Enjoy-Life -

    Replied to the thread (P: Enjoy) Two Imperfections.

    OCC: ICC: White watched them go off silently before returning to herself temporarily. Speaking metaphorically, she had been given a lot of tinder to burn through.
  • ~Dreams~ -

    Replied to the thread A new home (pafp).

    Jessi pulled out her phone handing it to him Your pick

    Now follows Naomi Skywalker.


    Now follows Pluto Amidala Skywalker.