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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Ira giggled softly, unable to help herself as she smiled faintly. "Perhaps I'll have to take a look indeed," Ann murmured softly, still seeming a bit wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice anything else. Nighthawk smiled faintly in amusement and…

    Replied to a comment by honkfriend on SPIDERBITE.’s wall.

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    Thank you! :) It took me forever to think of a name ironically. I felt it was a bit cliche so thank you sfm
  • AIMEE. -

    Replied to the thread I DON'T WANNA LIE ☆ joining.

    I FEEL IT COMING, BABE — aimee callaghan — blizzardclan — she/her — tagsComing up behind Pierce, and Lottie, and she spotted the new joiner. She wasn't sure who she was. But she was still going to introduce herself, at least once the joiner told the
  • Reluctant_Raven -

    Replied to the thread dιd yoυ geт мyѕтerιoυѕ мeѕѕageѕ?||private w/tokmi.

    image ||✦ѕιana dυвacн✧|| ic;; Siana raised an eyebrow at the following messages. She found it amusing, a small grin lighting her features, despite being alone. She enjoyed just reading over these, though didn't proceed to say anything herself. ooc;;
  • Bobbar7857 -

    Replied to the thread Blessed of the Vale (Medieval RP sign ups, OPEN).

    I'm afraid the software won't actually let me modify the map, it just keeps taking me to the image of it, I'll work on a new one. (Shouldn't take long it's got some easy tools)
  • Sanctuaryforall1 -

    Replied to the thread Academy of Animation - Chat/Plotting Thread.

    @NINTENDOOKAMI12 FLUFFY CRAB WILL RULE THE CUTE! And any help would be greatly appreciated! I've done a lot of GxG but I've never really done BxB before. It is one of my greatest shames that it has taken this long for me to learn the art of BxB. It is so…
  • ARSENIO NOCTCALIGO BASICS NAME: Arsenio --pronunciation: ahr-SIN-ee-o noct-KAH-LEE-go --full name: Arsenio Noctcaligo --meaning and origin: Arsenio: Spanish, meaning ‘virile’ Noctcaligo: Latin, meaning ‘to be enveloped by the night’ --nicknames:
  • Hopes~Wings -

    Replied to the thread **Rockclan**Roleplay**Semi-Advanced**Sign-Up Link Inside**.

    "Sunpaw, we should take him to camp. Rockstar will want to see him himself." Beaverpaw pointed out. He was standing beside the other apprentice, but his gaze was on the stranger. He felt pity for the poor kits. It was too cold for them to be out…
  • hana song; -

    Replied to the thread I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT [open, gifts].

    Woah. This was Hana's first experience with sound manipulation, and she wasn't exactly fond of something so far away sound so uncomfortably close. Large ears folding back against her head, Hana's eyebrows
  • Whitestone -

    Replied to the thread MurkyClan || Semi-advanced || Roleplay.

    Pinepaw smiled "No problem Daisypetal, I just want to make sure that everything goes as they should, and it would be a shame if all kits were stillborn, so I wouldn't get the chance to mentor one of the kits" he meowed