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  • n. don -

    Replied to the thread CAN'T CONTROL THE KIDS ( open, joining ).

    Don was on a walk around the territory. He didn't really like the dark colors--maybe that was the reason why he was seemingly so grumpy while here. Don nearly tripped over a limp body, but luckily came to a halt before he made contact with it. Don
  • Legendary Warriors -

    Replied to the thread I Must Protect! PAFP |Male Needed|.

    Sazuka still blushed and wrapped her arms around him, "I don't think it could have been more amazing. I should do things like that more often," she smiled, "I'm going to become your wonderful wife one day."
  • Zane Sur -

    Replied to the thread Guys We're Going To Be Productive Today // Open + Honor Code Lesson.

    "I see. Thanks for clarifying the situation." Nox said, bowing his head slightly in order to show respect. They were the ones his father had mentioned, apparently. At least, they had this air of superiority around them, like he said they would. "Those
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread It's Arranged, not Love.

    A purr surprisingly erupted from his throat as Igneous grinned. "If you were to choose a boy or a girl first, which one would you go for?"
  • Kodiene -

    Replied to the thread Am I the only person who roleplays in proclans that feels this way?.

    is it time for me to bring hawkmoon back hawkmoon can be bad good guy again
  • Unknownpaw. -

    Replied to the thread TONIGHT WE STRIKE ;; OPEN - CAMP QUARANTINE.

    "we can't promise anything, however, your clanmates can, why don't you ask them instead?" unknownpaw would respond, padding over to stand beside almos. in her opinion, she didn't want to hurt any kids, yet if their clanmates defied scarclan, she would
  • Abel -

    Replied to the thread Moonclan | OOC plot and chat thread.

    track, joining with this kid in a little bit c: (Hidden Content)

    Replied to the thread I FEEL THE CHEMICALS KICKING IN // private for now.

    /sure, he can brand her c; it isnt too unusual to catch chica outside. patrolling the borders is something she always does whether she's asked to or her paranoia makes her. its become a loveable past time of hers, scouting the edges of the territory for
  • dofecat -

    Replied to the thread Joliver vs Kax.

    That's interesting