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  • That can work!
  • P a s t e l -

    Replied to the thread AetherClan: Sign-ups.

    Also Breezepaw will need a mentor
  • Stroke -

    Posted the thread money maker | gallery.

  • sol. -

    Replied to the thread Private Supernatural RP.

    Shiro continued to look at Haku ; thinking about how cute he was. Yuuki's ears twitched.
  • Maron Mob -

    Replied to the thread Mutants, Zombies, Aliens, Oh My! (Survival Sign up).

    Name: Adam Stevens Age: Twenty Two Gender: Male Race: Alien Looks: Human (Hidden Content) Alien (Hidden Content) Personality: Adam is rather reclusive and tends to keep things to himself,not liking to be around others a lot. He is rather easy going…
  • PIERCE- -

    Posted the thread GIVES YOU HELL // HEARTCHART.

    this seems to be becoming an increasingly popular thing and i've been meaning to do one of these for a while, so here it is!~ (Hidden Content)
  • blackflare -

    Replied to the thread "Well... This was unexpected..." Rosario+Vampire RP (PAF4P, Oc's welcome).

    Emiko rolled her eyes at Fionn's words before she thought for a moment, "Fine we can have a sleepover. But, I have to ask my roommate if it's okay with her." She says laying back and had her head off the side of the bed.
  • mel -

    Replied to the thread Manchester Academy |Roleplay|.

    Quote from mel: “ LUCA "geez, you go to a professional ninja school?" he asked lightheartedly, then octavian told him that he'd seen a store when he got dropped off. "that way it is, then," luca confirmed, walking off in the direction octavian had…
  • The Lion of God -

    Replied to the thread Youtuber Christmas Spectacular.

    He smirked gently "You sure about that babe I am pretty sure he lovr a dance with me" he pured before sliding off darks lap and slid back easily and smirked gently waiting for Dark to get up, and follow him around. A sly smirk on his lips beckoning with…
  • Artemis -

    Replied to the thread I did not see that coming. (P with LuvAmy).

    I'm just not sure I believe you, that's all. The abyss of despair slowly yawning up inside of Spirit seemed to overly confirm this. And it's not that you haven't seemed trustworthy, it's that I can't understand why you wouldn't want to kill me. Why any