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  • Krymson -

    Replied to the thread Going on a Hiatus.

  • Dreamer{School} -

    Replied to the thread Private for Red Phantom Wolf.

    Sky smiled Okay not get on his back she wanted to see how far Tommy would go into helping her. She knew Eden would gladly gallop around like a crazy horse with Tommy on his back but maybe not
  • Giovanni -

    Replied to the thread BREATHE WITH ME ( private, giovanni ).

    Her sudden surprise caused him to take a step back, being mindful to keep some extra distance between them. The stammering within her voice giving him more than just a hint that he made her uncomfortable. It seemed as if he gave just about everyone he
  • Queen Lucy -

    Replied to the thread Please, help me - Pafp.

    She smiles and buries her face into his chest, a content sigh escaping her. "I love you, Kai.." She says in a tired tone.
  • Prohyas Warrior -

    Replied to the thread Manchester Academy |Plotting & Chatting|.

    lol yes I used ot be Oswald but i changed my stuff for the fun of it As for me not posting recently its becuase im waiting on starish to post so i dont flood people and do hort posts

    Replied to the thread DON'T PRETEND||o; missing.

    #A9BCF5 for speaking "The Cartel," answered the cinnamon pup quietly, her sapphire orbs flitting over the scene of yet another clanmate's capture as her ears slicked back tightly against her skull. Were they all being treated the same way she had
  • Pride&Prejudice -

    Replied to the thread Birds of the same feather (PAFP male needed).

    Rei her bird moved and looked at the boy cocking his head to the side. "I don't have one." She said truthfully.
  • RHODIUM . -

    Posted the thread GOOSEFEATHER'S CURSE // open, joining.

    At first, Rhodium wasn't going to join the Clans. She wasn't sure how she felt about living among other cats and animals, after living so long with herself. "But it's lonely," The she-cat reminded herself with a sigh. Even though she occasionally talked…
  • Moose/N/Squirrel -

    Replied to the thread What's going on? -Supernatural (Tv show) RP (private.).

    Crowley held Selene close.
  • XanaduTheGreat -

    Replied to the thread Dan x Phil .

    "See! You're good at stuff! Being a mum, decorating, hugs." Plague smiled.