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  • DiamondPuppy -

    Replied to the thread The Wolfites {Jump In}.

    OOC: OMG HE IS CURSED!!! 4 IS AN EVIL NUMBER!!!!!!!! AHHH, omg JK. Looks good so far for the mate rules! Kiara looked at Daemon weirdly, then when Opal went crazy Kiara rushed over to Opal. "Opal, are you okay?" She asked, taking Opals hand and…
  • LEWIS M. -

    Replied to the thread Surely heaven waits for you : Allaince check.

    Trotting over, the hellhound took a place next to Omorose blinking at the young lupine feeling his eyes darkening a bit at the mention of Nighttales passing. He hadn't known but now that he knew well, he didn't know what else to do or say. He watched
  • PIERCE- -

    Replied to the thread RAIN DROP {open, capture + torture}.

    Mastermind's explosive laughter thundered in the tom's mind, seeming to ricochet off of imaginary walls. It seemed she liked the insults. But... why? He cocked his head at her reaction. When she spoke, however, he understood. You don't like me? Then
  • Anubis is so Vexing -

    Replied to the thread -{Private}-.

    OOC: Apologies for the late reply ;-; ~ Alphard took a moment to think about her reply before speaking, she wanted to make sure that every line she spoke would linger within her partner's mind. "I can get a pet if you'd like me to," She had also…
  • Prohyas Warrior -

    Replied to the thread Dan x Phil .

    He nods and gets up cleans himself off hugged her and sighed softly Tiemskip Dil was sat in bed not feelign so well the bug bite had left a rather interesting mark on him
  • Sheogorath -


    fucking hell there goes the rest of my muse XP one of my favorite rp partners is going on hiatus damn site transfer drama
  • Julian W. -

    Replied to the thread MAD MEN IN WHITE HOUSES // private, Mamiko.

    JULIAN WILSON After a while, and once the magical feeling of the hug began to fade and was instead replaced with awkwardness, he released Mamiko from the close embrace. His tail wagged back and forth as he grinned in a cheesy manner, but then the good
  • alientechnology -

    Replied to the thread SYNDICATE SIX | PLOT & CHAT THREAD.

  • italy. -

    Replied to the thread B r e e z e C l a n | Clan of the Upwinds | Semi-Advanced | OPEN | Sign-Ups.

    i actually found a really old playlist for her!! not sure if all of the songs totally it her but definitely she's my winona... idk i thought that song directly matched her persona/her history which i'll take the time to type out one day :) and i recommend…
  • Wings/n/Lil Demon -

    Replied to the thread What's going on? -Supernatural (Tv show) RP (private.).

    This is the code
    * * *
    Selene Rosewood • 31 • Lover of the King • Kate Beckinsale
    Selene smiled and kissed his cheek