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Meeting You...Got you Stuck in My Head {Private!}



Demon Slayer (p)



Assassin's Creed Story: Layla Everwood(open for 2 people)


Red Phantom Wolf

How are you always here where I need you? ||P. Phaset||



A true fallen angel (A BVB Love story)


Yellow Diamond

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  • 000TheLoneWolf000 -

    Replied to the thread Meeting You...Got you Stuck in My Head {Private!}.

    Dovewhisker soon awoke, shaking out his fur lightly once he stood up. He gently moved to get some water for Frosteye. The tom was probably thirsty, since he hadn't had any water in a while. His tail curled and twitched as he moved out, grabbing some…
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread Demon Slayer (p) .

    " If she doesn't want me to try anymore, I would like for her to tell me Libby," He said ," I don't want to hear it from you or Ty, only her. Then I'll disappear again
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Assassin's Creed Story: Layla Everwood(open for 2 people).

    Thank god, I prefer original characters anyways. I'll gladly take the male. Now the only other question I have is, would there be a particular role my guy need to have?
  • Vibrance -

    Replied to the thread How are you always here where I need you? ||P. Phaset||.

    The girl nodded laughing lightly as she began googling the closest pizza delivery service nearby and ordered a large cheese pizza. It would work for the move in day meal. Cheese was a safe bet, and it was a great bonding food. She didn't want to create a
  • Yellow Diamond -

    Replied to the thread A true fallen angel (A BVB Love story).

    "What happened?"
  • Anubis is so Vexing -

    Replied to the thread It's hard to dream with eyes stitched open (Private).

    It's quite alright ^
  • Seija Kijin -

    Replied to the thread Never be the same [Open + M&G].

    Oh, good, John was still around. Though he admitted to having a poor memory, that wasn't the end of the world- they'd housed murderers and even sociopaths (even if they had never agreed to housing the latter) before, so in comparison, forgetfulness was
  • Wolfheart01 -

    Replied to the thread developing human characters.

  • Betty ! -

    Replied to the thread I AM A LION AND I WANT TO BE FREE // open, Gang Wars discussion .

    "Does it really matter if we have or not?" Bethany retaliated. She raised a brow as she huffed quietly. "We're doing this in some kinda order? We're bound to have to hit them again, no? Otherwise we'll run out of clans to hit one day." She could
  • DUNCAN ! -

    Replied to the thread there's nothing here for you • joining.

    "I for one will not be calling you Plague Doctor, as I find it to be insulting to those who died from the awful healing processes that were of the time. Though I suppose the people knew no better, shielding themselves with herbs in their becks from