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Hello Feral Front!

There are two things the admins wanted to discuss with you guys quickly. First, since custom headers had to be rebuilt, we are offering every Clan leader a free custom header! This is ONE PER CLAN. After it is up, it cannot be editing for free so make sure you know what you want.

The second thing is that there are some glitches with profiles that are preventing people from editing their profile. It will appear as an error that the password is not correct, even though it is. To fix this, you will need an admin to switch the password for you. To do this, please PM FROSTSOUL with the following information: if you do not send from the account please link the account you want changed, the email on the account, and the password you want.

Recent Activities

  • Faros -

    Replied to the thread Bad Girl, Good Boy --- PAFP.

    Adam looked at her seriously and clasped both of her hands in his, "Please... Please date me!" he was caught up in the moment and didn't think it through. If it didn't work, he was honestly pretty okay with chugging half a gallon of bleach before jumping…
  • Prohyas Warrior -

    Replied to the thread We are One.

    I actually love tha tmovie so which would you liek to rp your welcoem t be anyone you like
  • -reverie- -

    Replied to a comment by -reverie- on rebel belle.’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    You should!! lmk what you think!
  • Sky;; -

    Replied to the thread Questions about the like feature.

    I think staff are planning to remove the like feature, just they haven't had the chance to remove it yet. c:
  • PIERCE- -


    (Hidden Content)
  • dofecat -

    Replied to the thread Joliver vs Kax.

    also no eggs so I can't make fortune cookies until we get eggs
  • starfire54 -

    Replied to the thread ✮NoctemClan✮ sign ups!.

    (Hidden Content) Duskstripe warrior name; Duskstripe app name; Duskpaw kit name; Duskkit age; 36 moons gender; Tom personality; Duskstripe is quite the gentleman(cat). He is polite and works hard to be of use for the rest of his clan. This striped tom
  • ForeverYoung2004 -

    Replied to the thread We are One.

    *shrugs* The 80's have their charm.
  • leilei -

    Replied to the thread Together We'll Travel.

    At his singing, a smile remained at her lips, happy that she was able to lighten his mood. Releasing his grip, she parked her bike tot he offered railing and opened the door to the cafe," Pick something and I'll buy it for you. But I recommend the
  • Timberfur -

    Replied to the thread tundraclan: the reboot! || roleplay thread, sign-ups inside!.

    TIMBERFUR Timberfur purred, dipping his head in gratitude to the warrior. "Thank you Cloudfang. We'll wait a bit longer before we go, so other's can join us if they wish". Timber had never been really close to Cloudfang, not knowing a lot about her.