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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Moon•Dancer -

    Replied to the thread Eragon Dragon Rider Plotting{Pafp, dragon needed}.

    Fira sighed softly at him and smiled."I don't want you risking yourself for me."She reached out to rubbed the underside of his muzzle. She couldn't live with herself if he was caught, she didn't know if she would be able to get him back if he was…
  • Skypher ! -

    Replied to the thread want to be part of this color-themed squad?.

    I have a pink based character that represents fear .3. Just an idea tho
  • ~Dreamkit -

    Replied to the thread Painted on your door - private.

    WE'RE ALL MESSED UP INSIDE — dreamkit — serval — she/her — tagsDream's heart rate was decreasing to something close to a resting rate, though her breathing was still unsteady and her body trembled slightly. "I-I'm Dr-Dreamkit," she replied, burying her
  • Shinxsong -

    Replied to the thread Veneris Academy: School for Today's Paranormal Teenagers (sign-up inside).

    "Cool, that's Layla Harris," he said pointing at Layla. "nice fog." Kota's gaze shifted to the fog that Quinn had created. Layla started messing with Kota's headphones.
  • kinqsley -

    Replied to the thread fogclan // plotting thread!.

    mmm i'm not quite sure what to do with acornface at the moment in terms of like... personal stuff with him—stuff beyond training his apprentice, etc. he's probably one of the most simple characters i've had in a while? he's super straight forward and i
  • virus 56 -

    Replied to the thread want to be part of this color-themed squad?.

    i think pink would be playful, kindhearted and joyous, celebrating the little things. someone who loves strangers on the street and doesn't care who you are when it comes to helping others. but that's just my opinion!
  • _dreamcatcher_ -

    Replied to the thread angel X demon {pafp} {male needed}.

    "Okay." Holly replied with a nod. She continued with her own painting. Holly started to paint the apples on the tree.
  • angelica -

    Replied to the thread reamy's plotting thread..

    @reamy: I think Minnesota's going to be the one. As of names, I'm thinking of Mercy Crest Hospital (or St. Paul's hospital because I cannot think of anything without looking up the geographics or something)
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid..

    He grinned happily. " Yay!" He cheered.