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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • ARSENIO NOCTCALIGO BASICS NAME: Arsenio --pronunciation: ahr-SIN-ee-o noct-KAH-LEE-go --full name: Arsenio Noctcaligo --meaning and origin: Arsenio: Spanish, meaning ‘virile’ Noctcaligo: Latin, meaning ‘to be enveloped by the night’ --nicknames:
  • Hopes~Wings -

    Replied to the thread **Rockclan**Roleplay**Semi-Advanced**Sign-Up Link Inside**.

    "Sunpaw, we should take him to camp. Rockstar will want to see him himself." Beaverpaw pointed out. He was standing beside the other apprentice, but his gaze was on the stranger. He felt pity for the poor kits. It was too cold for them to be out…
  • hana song; -

    Replied to the thread I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT [open, gifts].

    Woah. This was Hana's first experience with sound manipulation, and she wasn't exactly fond of something so far away sound so uncomfortably close. Large ears folding back against her head, Hana's eyebrows
  • Whitestone -

    Replied to the thread MurkyClan || Semi-advanced || Roleplay.

    Pinepaw smiled "No problem Daisypetal, I just want to make sure that everything goes as they should, and it would be a shame if all kits were stillborn, so I wouldn't get the chance to mentor one of the kits" he meowed
  • Darkpaw22 -

    Replied to the thread Silver's chat. Anyone can come.

    i ate a lot today. it was fun
  • David Tennant -

    Replied to the thread |•| Ham4Ham |•| pafp |•|.

    Veronica looked at John. "Are you not going to defend me?" She asked. When he didn't, she stood up and left. Aaron joined Rose laughing then. The two grinned at each other. Thomas answered and listened. He met her and pulled her into a hug. Laf didn't…
  • ALEXA. -

    Replied to the thread enigma machine // weekly tasks 3/20.

    ♡ ♡ ♡ Alexa nodded to show she had heard "Of course!" she answered with a flick of her tail (Hidden Content)
  • Reluctant_Raven -

    Replied to the thread тнe world ιѕ a crυel ||private|| yeт вeaυтιғυl place.

    ✧relυcтanт raven✦ ιc;; Shu didn't say much himself, only silently eating. He didn't know what to say, really. He was used to just chatting with the buddies from his hometown. "I taught myself when I was younger, I guess." Siana responded with evident
  • Rivulet Dearray -

    Replied to the thread THE NEW RIVERCLAN CHAT/PLOT THREAD.

    Lol I haven't really shipped Rivu with anyone yet
  • Bobbar7857 -

    Replied to the thread Blessed of the Vale (Medieval RP sign ups, OPEN).

    I can't make it any larger sadly, also I have no picture which fits my character, which is why I went into more just describing him overall closely. The only way I could add islands to the north would be by shrinking the mainland. Actually I can just…