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  • Enjoy-Life -

    Replied to the thread (P) Norta Argenta Magica.

    OCC: ICC: The threads faded away, and the Witch started to relax. "Yes, yes she does."
  • Emmadagood -

    Replied to the thread The Convergence(Private Thread).

    She tilts her head, her eyes glowing a soft blue. "Gentle, wise, prefers to stay out of direct conflict. Kind as well. Someone to be counted on to help." She says, smiling. "It's rather comforting to be around. Especially for someone like me."…
  • Cass is Busy -

    Posted the thread A Little Cliché, A Little Madness [PAFP] [BxB].

    [Your character] was normal. He went to school, he partied occasionally, and socialized as much as was expected of a senior in high school. Far from extraordinary, often overlooked, and forgettable; wasn't that the ultimate goal? Four years of conformity…
  • The Keeper -

    Replied to the thread Under The Sky Where the Moon Is Always Shining (Private for The Keeper).

    Matthew Bradley Matt looked over at her, being good with computers, he took over searching thru the computer, looking threw her father's emails, he found a video, he showed it to callie "someone hypnotized him into doing this" he told her. he stood up,…
  • Sheogorath -

    Replied to the thread OFFICIAL CHAT + CHEESE THREAD.

    Well, I'll certainly be here if you decide to return to rp.
  • Miss Ririchiyo -

    Replied to the thread B r e e z e C l a n | ROLEPLAY THREAD.

    Nightpaw let out a low growl as he felt the rough pattering of rain above them. He didn't sleep, as he was definitely a night owl. Sure, it was raining, but he wouldn't go to sleep like the rest of them. He had to make sure everyone was okay. Especially…
  • ink -

    Replied to the thread When you break my heart I'll break yours{P}.

    "I'm sorry to hear that. Meet me at the cafeteria before school starts," he texted back. Standing up, he put his phone in his pocket and walked over to his backpack and shoved everything he needed inside. Zipping up his backpack, he glanced back at the
  • Hunter Ryan Steele -

    Replied to the thread Do You Feel Alone? [p].

    Sam walked off quietly. Castiel looked at Michael. "What do you need to speak with me about?" He asked quietly.
  • DeathOfABeauty -

    Replied to the thread tundraclan: the reboot! || roleplay thread, sign-ups inside!.

    DawnStep blinked at the tom. Why do I deserve a good day? Ha! As if the world would let me She thought bitterly. "Oh.. well uh thanks I guess.." The she cat muttered. Why does he choose to speak to me?? Ugh.. especially while I'm.. while I'm going over
  • HAIIRO -

    Replied to the thread LAY US DOWN - PLOT WITH HAIIRO.

    i'll have to make it either tomorrow morning or afternoon, but i should be able to ! (Hidden Content)