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  • They gave him a breathing mask as they hooked up an IV on him. They opened up his shirt and checked his shirt.
  • mercy . -

    Posted the thread plot with mercy ❀.

    ok so mercy really needs to get out more; she's a trust of hawkclan and thug/arms dealer for the cartel, and she's pretty chill and friendly but also like. tired. she strongly dislikes shadowclan despite having grown up there, but she's mostly bitter
  • Amaya Erebus -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Tasks - 2/21.

    "Hm... Could you host a storytelling activity for anyone interested?" May said after a moment of thought. There were more children as of late due to her adopting. //mobile
  • BARBARA F. -

    Replied to the thread I KNOW WHAT YOU DID || MEETING 2/26.

    Ooh, another meeting? The femme padded over, seating herself beside Jamison. So, apparently, the sick-looking leader she had met died. Not a real shocker. She did feel a bit bad for Jackdaw, though. His mom had died? That was kind of sad. Not that she
  • BARBARA F. -

    Replied to the thread HERE I AM TRYING (Weekly Tasks 2/26-1/5, Open).

    Training birds? How the hell was she supposed to do that? Birds were food. The girl glowered up at Squirrel momentarily before giving him a curt nod. "Fine," she huffed, turning and leaving. Perhaps a part of her wanted to be polite, but she didn't
  • Citali -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

  • rus -

    Replied to the thread prism clan & the lost tribe | guide & sign ups.

    trackin !! reserve deputy for me darlin?
  • 80s90s -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

    Sign me up plz!
  • ThePsychopath -

    Replied to the thread The Orphanage for the Strange and UnUsual (RolePlay Thread).

    Alexa gave a laugh as she followed up, beginning to climb up the tree with a laugh, deciding not to use her abilities out of fear of what might occur.

    Replied to the thread PLUMMET AS I SING ;; plot with the Punkin King?.

    @alienstar oml yes and this dude would be all "but...but...candy...!" xD You want me to make a thread for them somewhere? @almos. Pumpkin would totally just be spouting neverending puns and be so proud of himself lol And he would be so freaking…