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  • Hunter Ryan Steele -

    Replied to the thread All Best People Are Crazy. (Private.).

    Cricket was relaxed and smiling a bit but he was tired too. He was falling asleep again.
  • ramses h. vantas -

    Replied to the thread HOW STRANGE IT ALL IS [&] open, kynthia found dead.

    Ramses Harbinger-Xerses duncan vantas xx kali xerses 6 months riverclan second mate
    "So, that's where she went..." he commented mildly, coming to stand next to Giovanni and looking at the gruesome sight. While no stranger to broken and
  • Pride&Prejudice -

    Replied to the thread Birds of the same feather (PAFP male needed).

    Dakota smiled when Angel held her mother's hand. "Moring sweet." She whispered sweetly then she felt somethign soft on her back ,gently lifted her shirt to reveal tiny wings with white feathers.
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Private*.

    anime_princess_girl-1680x1050.jpg Lily muttered under her breath as she carried a tray of drinks like he requested. She wasn't happy with the fact that she got captured like this and turned into a servant, if not a slave. She's a princess for God's…
  • They gave him a breathing mask as they hooked up an IV on him. They opened up his shirt and checked his shirt.
  • mercy . -

    Posted the thread plot with mercy ❀.

    ok so mercy really needs to get out more; she's a trust of hawkclan and thug/arms dealer for the cartel, and she's pretty chill and friendly but also like. tired. she strongly dislikes shadowclan despite having grown up there, but she's mostly bitter
  • Amaya Erebus -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Tasks - 2/21.

    "Hm... Could you host a storytelling activity for anyone interested?" May said after a moment of thought. There were more children as of late due to her adopting. //mobile
  • BARBARA F. -

    Replied to the thread I KNOW WHAT YOU DID || MEETING 2/26.

    Ooh, another meeting? The femme padded over, seating herself beside Jamison. So, apparently, the sick-looking leader she had met died. Not a real shocker. She did feel a bit bad for Jackdaw, though. His mom had died? That was kind of sad. Not that she
  • BARBARA F. -

    Replied to the thread HERE I AM TRYING (Weekly Tasks 2/26-1/5, Open).

    Training birds? How the hell was she supposed to do that? Birds were food. The girl glowered up at Squirrel momentarily before giving him a curt nod. "Fine," she huffed, turning and leaving. Perhaps a part of her wanted to be polite, but she didn't
  • Citali -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.