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Recent Activities

  • ForbiddenGames -

    Replied to the thread meadow clan » chat & plot » members only.

    Pinefeather will mentor Whitepaw Troutcather will mentor Wolfpaw any objections let me know
  • Queen Lucy -

    Replied to the thread Remember Me? - Nalu RP - Pafp.

    Lucy looks at him and shrugs. "Okay..."
  • Technically Timur -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

    COOLIO If you have any details for le plot you should totally pm me/send me a conversation
  • Eliza -

    Replied to the thread It's Arranged, not Love.

    Emmeline smiled happily, seeing how happy she had made him. "Mmm... I'd want a boy first... Which would you want?"
  • glitchedcontroller -

    Replied to the thread ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STAY A MINUTE | private, driftingspirit.

    "oh shi- ow, my head!" he hissed out loudly, having bumped his head in mild fear once he heard the loud giggling from behind him. he clumsily pulled his head out of the drawer and slumped himself against it. he pressed a large paw up to the aching part
  • scar. -

    Replied to the thread CricketClan | the silent night, in the wild jungle | Guide & Sign-Ups.

    That sound great! OHHHH NMMMMYYYY GUURRRRRDDDDD, WHAT IF MY BABY WHISPERSTAR HAS A FORBIDDEN LOVE WITH SOMEONE IN THAT CLAN??? *clears throat* sorry. I'll look over her form rn.
  • tumblr_nttqp95O4z1thsdx8o2_1280.jpg Connor smiled and waved towards the mob of fans. Walking down the steps he waved constantly and almost pushed his way through towards the gazebo laying on higher ground for him to speak at. Enjoying yourselves aren't

    Posted the thread Ideas for Revamping Clan Interest?.

    #A4A4A4 for speaking Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for helping a clan regain activity & interest? Colouredclan has seen better days and I just want to be sure I'm trying everything I can to try to push it back to being more active.
  • Red Phantom Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Hidden Scales(Reboot).

    He smiled, kissing her cheek. "Thanks Rose. I'll keep that in mind."
  • 80s90s -

    Liked Technically Timur’s post in the thread Interest check??.

    Like (Post)
    So it has come to my attention (not staff just me being me lol) that apparently the most common way to be famous is to be evil, and any other path is rather hard and not well worn Let's change that Because why not I'm going to try and create a circle of…