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Recent Activities

  • RedFoxO2 -

    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    The rules look good so far, and the form looks interesting~ What's the Lyrics part?
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread (P) Norta Argenta Magica.

    OOC: IC: "Yeah, she healed her hand up eventually."
  • s t o r m y -

    Replied to the thread A Hybrid Secret | ~ Private for me and Possiblejr ~ |.

    Kat pressed her face into her mate's neck, breathing in her sweet scent.
  • Blizzardlight > Tags: none (sleeping) the silverous she cat dissapeared to the the Warriors den. Luckily to her the den seemed to be very quietly and empty. Scretching a littleb it, before curled to her nest. She glanced at the den eantrance for a while…
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread Hearts of Diamonds & Clubs like Spades (P; GreenTealiger).

    OOC: IC: Ombric gave the kids a short astronomy lesson after the sun went down before sending them home. He paused on the doorstep to see if Walden would be coming inside with them for the night.
  • Sheogorath -

    Replied to the thread method to use when you cant think of thread titles!.

    I just straight up look at random things around my room for a thread title. One of my recent threads was titled 'I like chairs'. No joke.
  • Creature -

    Replied to the thread The Only Way to Have a Friend...Is to be One (Sun/Moon RPG).

    Zeron continued to allow Hau to pet it for a few more moments before it took a step back, tilting its head once more at the term which the boy had used. Ooc: Yep.
  • -Badgerpaw. -

    Replied to the thread Free trad. art!.

    If you want you could draw badgerpaw? His tuxedo fur is sleek and mostly jet black with snow white on his for-paws, a white chest that stops at his shoulder blades, a white tail tip, and the white muzzle and blaze shown in his profile picture. His eyes…
  • kiri1109 -

    Replied to the thread Not your Average Ghoul |Ayato x Oc| [Ayato Needed].

    She stared in surprise as the cup crashed against the floor. "Dont worry about it, it is just a cup."she said, dismissively. She looked to him, "Is something wrong, Ayato? It isn't exactly an everyday thing for someone to break a cup.."she said, sounding…
  • veronika -

    Replied to the thread the chapel is full of flowers and sage || joining.

    ver had only been here - what, a few days? she had already experienced the luxury of clan life - despite it being leafbare. although the prey was scarce, it was more than she ever ate back a week ago. she felt her ribs slowly fade out of view - they