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    Replied to the thread just how many heads I'm tearing [Meet n Greet].

    He was fucked up in so many ways right now and tired as hell. He sighed softly as he moved across the place to listen to the meet and greet that had just been called. The one that had called it he didn't know but he would probably soon find out his
  • ThePsychopath -

    Replied to the thread Return of a broken soldier {Private}.

    Charlie came out of the back, already having prepared himself to leave when she arrived, a larger than usual grin on his face as he took a few steps towards her. "Good Evening Ma'am." He said with a lighthearted chuckle, perhapas more upbeat than he
  • Panthalossa. -

    Replied to the thread Give a Traditional Leader is Nine Lives? (OPEN).

    Sweetnose could give him a life of love a mother has for her kits?
  • kiri1109 -

    Replied to the thread Shigenki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan |Oc x Levi| Levi Needed | Pafp |.

    Annabelle entered with her sister. The pair having made up earlier in the morning. They sat together, away from Levi and Hanji. Though, remembering her chat with Hanji, a light blush dusted her cheeks. Verona giggled as she noticed causing Annabelle to…
  • leilei -

    Replied to the thread Together We'll Travel.

    "Ozzy eat your food" Leenalee commanded softly as she had already eaten a portion of her breakfast and was waiting for Ozzy to do the same, since they had to walk the twins to their school
  • Northern opened one eye slowly then closed it again, her soft fur fluffed up still "Whatever you think would be best,modest matter anymore." The young she-cat managed softly, her eyes still closed as she tucked her tail over her noise, ignoring the pain…
  • the hatter -

    Replied to the thread Our Happy Little [P]antheon (and other things that suck).

    When he just broke into a smile, instead of blushing or smirking, Fei looked up at him, confused by what that meant for her. He can either deny it or accept it. What is he doing...? she thought, though he explained himself a moment later and her cheeks
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread You're rich and can have anything, but you chose me (rich boy needed).

    He couldn't even remember writing his memories down. So they wouldn't be much help to him. He washed up his dished and paced around the house. He tried playing the piano but just being in the room made him feel so bad. The garden was even worse. He…
  • pen. -


    Sweetophelia actually - I brought her back with me when I returned to BlizzardClan. She was originally Feliks' vice-leader and I guess she managed to climb her way back up again lmao Ahh, maybe try RiverClan? They're a pretty friendly group too -


    X81Oe00.pngRiverClan... I suggest RiverClan lmao biased tho ah yeah, I'm glad you remember him! And Combopaw sounds very familiar... I think I remember her, yes. I think that was more towards when I barely brought Ivylee in RiverClan. That was so long