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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • She smiled, "A year is going to go by fast, don't worry." she said.
  • Hunter Ryan Steele -

    Replied to the thread The Unforgiven... (private.).

    A few days later a boy from school went to talk to Matthew, he didn't really know the guy all the guy did was make Matthew even more upset apparently he really didn't like Aiden because Aiden angry really easy and no one could tell him what to do, this…
  • BEAR. -


    cheese and sheogorath omg yeah that's true lmfao
  • Beatles. -

    Replied to the thread Lakeview Correction Camp || Plotting thread!.

    *drops here* Quote from Beatles.: “(Hidden Content) ”
  • Nornslayer -

    Liked Drawing.wizard’s post in the thread Lakeview Correctional Summer Camp || Sign Up.

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    no not Alex, Brayden Is finished. I'm not finished with Alex
  • Jenga -

    Replied to the thread SnowLeapord clan ~ roleplay.

    black-white.jpg Hide Spoiler (Hidden Content) Hiddenblizzard tilted his head curiously as the she cat appeared. His eyes caught a jagged scar on her left shoulder, but it didn't seem to hinder her. He knew she was basically asking 'who are you', but he…
  • loveletter -

    Replied to the thread human aus??.

    omg I'd love them meeting at a shelter that'd be so cute! I can make the thread if you can't ^^
  • cyrus cipher s.s -

    Replied to the thread THE EXILES CHAT THREAD!.

    im slowly but surely hurting him with every post. im sorry canadian son. im sorry. i sense another cliff dive? which will lead to him FINALLY figuring out that he's a demon
  • Nornslayer -

    Liked OutCast’s post in the thread Lakeview Correctional Summer Camp || Sign Up.

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    I see that face claim, Rinny. I see that very clearly. I see that bab. I can see the difference, though. *nods in approvement even though even their names are a bit similar* *goes off to make another charrie*
  • ALEKSEI. -

    Replied to the thread SAN JUNIPERO — MEETING.

    Soon. There was a small sound of satisfaction from Aleksei. It had better be soon, considering he was getting quite bored. However, his mother's voice distracted him from their current line of conversation and he angled his head over towards