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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Skypher ! -

    Replied to the thread want to be part of this color-themed squad?.

    Mm. My character can also fit lavander. Can i still be part of the group?
  • ~Dreamkit -

    Now follows Germanicus.

  • the hatter -

    Replied to the thread Our Happy Little [P]antheon (and other things that suck).

    Fei narrowed her eyes playfully at his hand for a long second before giving a little huff and reaching out, giving it a squeeze before starting off with him, looking up after a moment, deciding to focus n him instead of the way their feet were shuffling
  • ~Dreams~ -

    Replied to the thread Private for Red Phantom Wolf.

    I'm just a bit unsure..what if right after I start again?? he rubs the back of his head before standing up to start cleaning
  • ~Dreamkit -

    Now follows PIERCE-.

  • MarMar -

    Replied to the thread hey there :::3c.

    i dO LMAO
  • Mieczyslaw -

    Liked NATHANIEL’s post in the thread and I'm just a heartbreaker || joining.

    Like (Post)
    Children, in Nathaniel's experience, didn't tend toward ugliness. That hadn't when they were older and had seen enough of the world that their expressions tightened and a haunted look entered their eyes. He felt differently about Link. The sight of a

    Replied to the thread I COULD GO OFF THE DEEP END [o, game time].

    The black widow aapproached calmly. Her fangs clicked happily to see Jane hosting a little game for everyone to join. Well, she certainly never heard of this one before but she was willing to try it out. "Guess it's a lucky thing for me that I cannot eat
  • I've had this issue for a while now, and I've just been ignoring it hoping that it would just sort of go away, but now it's just beginning to bug me because I feel like I might be portraying my character wrong to make people think this... but how does
  • Scxrii -

    Replied to the thread More Than Physical. [ PAFP ] [ G X G X G ].

    The sudden lashing out made Eugene stunned, her eyes slowly dwindling from their once happy looking and warming stature. Even though it hurt a bit, Eugene felt herself smile, because damn it, she needed to get that girl out of her head. So she finished