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  • Joeystar -

    Replied to the thread Joliver vs Kax.

  • mrcool909090 -

    Replied to a comment by mrcool909090 on Snowhawk’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Wanna try and get another RP together?
  • sugarplum -

    Posted the thread got us a battle | bloodclan, open.

    I WAS NAMED SUGARPLUM This was his task. He could do this.. he could do this. Holding the dead darkclanner npc mouse in his maw, Laurel made his way over to the border of DarkClan and dropped the body, writing a message next to it in the ground
  • glitchedcontroller -

    Replied to the thread ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STAY A MINUTE | private, driftingspirit.

    "oh shi- ow, my head!" he hissed out loudly, having bumped his head in mild fear once he heard the loud giggling from behind him. he clumsily pulled his head out of the drawer and slumped himself against it. he pressed a large paw up to the aching part
  • ForbiddenGames -

    Replied to the thread meadow clan » guide and sign ups » open.

    All finished forms have been added to to the plot/chat thread for mentors

    Replied to the thread JUNE GLOOM [open - Bloodclanner].

    "Nah, I'm a fan but every once in a while I get sick of it." He lifted his head up from the ground to take in the appearance of the massive looking tiger. Hmm, well he was definitely something but he had to say he liked the color of him. Pushing himself
  • mrcool909090 -

    Now follows Snowhawk.

  • ✿ ianthe -

    Replied to the thread we lifted this house — [O, BAD FANFICTION AU].

    "angle kat noo!!!!! the speedr is gonna eat U!" theo tri 2 pus h pixy out of da way and sVE HR! ian change hr ways. ian is gud puppr now. ian sav lifes. sh look @ gemrockets n glaRD "ur ucky ok."
  • Skypher ! -

    Replied to the thread Interest check??.

    @Technically Timur: I DONT HAVE A NOSE BUT YEH YOU DO
  • n. don -

    Replied to the thread CAN'T CONTROL THE KIDS ( open, joining ).

    Don was on a walk around the territory. He didn't really like the dark colors--maybe that was the reason why he was seemingly so grumpy while here. Don nearly tripped over a limp body, but luckily came to a halt before he made contact with it. Don