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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • aesthete -

    Replied to the thread LGBTQ+ CLUB ☁️ v.2.

    i'm sorry a lot of you also have to be closeted. waiting it out until i can support myself was my idea too so i'm sort of just ignoring their comments and being who i am, which is a gay dork.
  • Iceforest -


    p good, have one of my last tests tomorrow, almost done with calc. Hope you feel better dude~
  • Gravepaw Alastair-Roux -

    Now follows sugarpink..

  • Vanillabean -

    Replied to the thread KNIGHTS OF EDEN CHAT & PLOTTING.

    just moving out of the dorms for the summer, going to have to do it again in August lmao but thanks guys <3

    Replied to the thread Run (open, sick sort of) It's deadly.

    "That seems to be causing the issue," Runningspirit observed with a flick of his tail. "A lot of the cats who have been going out in the storm for long periods of time seem to develop this cough." He even had a tiny one, although not nearly as bad as
  • Gravepaw Alastair-Roux -

    Replied to the thread It's another maze there ( open, development.

    Gravepaw almost didn't want to answer. After all, he knew so little about her. But she had cared enough to come in and check on him, so she deserved an answer. "I'm dead. And dead people aren't really supposed to talk. But I can. Isn't that odd?" The
  • Queen Lucy -

    Replied to the thread Princess x Pirate - PAFP.

    She watches with wide eyes, not sure what to do or think of this.
  • Iceforest -

    Replied to the thread CLANWIDE CHATTING + PLOTTING THREAD.

    ^^^ that's great Is there a way to use discord without making an account?
  • Shattered.Hope -

    Replied to the thread a Wolfs toy(werewolf rp registration link inside).

    Solstice knew something was near here and her DNA won, it propelled her forward to seek out what she could smell. As she drew closer, she could smell it even stronger. It wasn't a familiar smell but it was almost comforting? She shook her head, nothing
  • white fang me -

    Replied to the thread A Mask of the Heart/PERSONA 5 SIGN-UP THREAD.

    Btw, guys, should it be a different school(for the ones still in school) than Shujin Academy, or...?