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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    Replied to the thread THE RIFT: OFFICIAL CHAT THREAD V.3.

    rolls back in here
  • mikasa ackerman -

    Replied to the thread so....

    1. I can't reveal confidential information Desmond - but honestly for oddi that was more general
  • Spudbob -

    Replied to the thread Shipping/Art thread for: School of the abnormal..

    A crossover sounds fun! I'm game!
  • julyninth -

    Replied to the thread YOU'LL SEE WHEN YOU BELIEVE // open, gifts.

    Gifts? Seemed like a waste of time. Julie walked over and peered at Ace from behind Cainsmark rather suspiciously. She supposed they were allies, but why gifts? There was a slim chance of them using them. Oh well, guess they were just trying to be nice.
  • Tomatoredd~ -

    Replied to the thread Chum, buddy, pal, amigo (Private).

    Chara groaned. "Come onnnn...You guys are no fun!" He complained. Red snorted softly. "Don't act so childish..." He teased faintly. Blue was kind of curled up in a recliner in the corner of the room, a hand on his stomach as he watched the boys
  • F?âm? Pr??ç?š? -

    Replied to the thread Zombie BxB Rp.

    "Come on Buddy, please wake up..." He begged, "I love you...." He kissed his lips.
  • Moonshade12 -

    Replied to the thread In the Beginning [Stucky, private].

    Steven smiled.
  • Cas -

    Replied to the thread New Member :D.

    Ooo welcome !! I'm Cas ! :)
  • Nicolasa drank some of her wine, giggling a little at the taste. She back down as food got set out in front of them; of course was already tasted by the royal tasters. She looked at the food and looked up at the others, no one was aloud to eat until she…
  • Spudbob -

    Replied to the thread School Of The Abnormal. [Rp].

    Ty Behl - Faerie - Illusions - Harmless _ Mr. 'Sarge' Beagle - Spartus - Immortality - PE/Detention Teacher "Roger," Sarge muttered, listening to the crackle of the radio. "Nixie, Shiro, Michiko, I hope you three are packed. We've got to go, now."