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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Holly lead her kits back to her den. Leaving them there, she went off in search of the two strange foxes. Snowdawn stared out of the den with boredom. Jackdaw and Juniper snuck up behind her, and pounced on her playfully. She growled, and they began to…
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    Replied to the thread pretty words.

    nova vanguard paladin starshine constellation array quicksilver
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    Replied to the thread sig opinions.

    Thanks. <33
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    Replied to the thread We're different PAFP.

    Rylan shrugged and looked at Connor. Connor raised an eyebrow "exactly." I've asked like six ppl for his number in case he changed it and none know XD So theirs this kid who everyone ships me with. After four years it gets annoying, trust me! So teams…
  • RandomIdiot -

    Replied to the thread [] Can You Save My [] {p}.

    "I'm sure you did great. So... what all do you have down for being ponyboy? You seem like you take this kinda seriously." Barry murmured, apeedreading over what he had written down.
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    Replied to the thread how old do you think I am?.

    /memorizes rebs b-day for later/ welcome to the old people club c': the rest are mere fetuses
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    Replied to the thread It's not that bad.

    "She said she did though. That she wanted to send me back to China to be drowned and Viper should be in a mental hospital and it's better that way." She stared up at him. "Maybe she's just... Kidding..."
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    Replied to the thread like a soul mate / open + joining \.

    Hailee's hazel eyes had landed upon the stranger and even from a distance and through the darkness she could tell that they were definitely not on the smaller side of the height scale. At twelve moons old she was tall despite her skinniness, and yet the
  • Tumble -

    Replied to the thread Blood is Thicker than Water || Private.

    As Nikita waited for her computer to load she found herself slipping into a silence that she didn't enjoy. She had to break it, and she finally had someone to talk to about the things that were going on inside her head for the past hour. "Natasha..." She…
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    Replied to the thread pretty words.

    Callipygian :)