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  • Wolffang1795 -

    Replied to the thread Pokehuman Chat Thread (Private).

    Looks good to me Grass~

    Replied to the thread clocks - joining.

    Lirim was back and though he saw this as a good thing the ruler of Purgatory kept his distance from the surrounding animals. He had fleas after all or rather that was the reason he would give if anyone asked him. He watched he reunion through his glowing
  • 000TheLoneWolf000 -

    Replied to the thread Strike Me A Deal? {Private}.

    "And the fact you enjoy smooching on both me and my boyfriend," he shot back. Looking back toward the phone. "You sure? I had to drag you home and take your place at the theatre thing you had to go to. And I'm also stuck with fuckfa over here," he typed.…
  • SorAmaterasu -

    Uploaded the image Galaxy Hyena on FH.

    Galaxy Hyena on FH
  • Whitestone -

    Replied to the thread ~Try.. To (Undertale roleplay) Be.. Brave~.

    Name: Astia Dreemur Age: she's about 5 years Gender: female Personality: Astia is a sweet and kind goat girl, but tends to get too curious, like when big sis Frisk tells her about Asriel, and he's still a flower, sometimes she hear voices telling her…
  • RedFoxO2 -

    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    The rules look good so far, and the form looks interesting~ What's the Lyrics part?
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread (P) Norta Argenta Magica.

    OOC: IC: "Yeah, she healed her hand up eventually."
  • s t o r m y -

    Replied to the thread A Hybrid Secret | ~ Private for me and Possiblejr ~ |.

    Kat pressed her face into her mate's neck, breathing in her sweet scent.
  • Blizzardlight > Tags: none (sleeping) the silverous she cat dissapeared to the the Warriors den. Luckily to her the den seemed to be very quietly and empty. Scretching a littleb it, before curled to her nest. She glanced at the den eantrance for a while…
  • GreenTealiger~ -

    Replied to the thread Hearts of Diamonds & Clubs like Spades (P; GreenTealiger).

    OOC: IC: Ombric gave the kids a short astronomy lesson after the sun went down before sending them home. He paused on the doorstep to see if Walden would be coming inside with them for the night.