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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • TheKawaiifan -

    Replied to the thread Friends Don't Leave Other Friends Behind (Open).

    I don't think so. I've noticed that Sabrina has been checking in throughout our rps Ic: "A'ight G. Imma go join the search" Plumeria announced, leaving the table. "You do that" Guzma nodded before fishing out a ball. "I've got some new moves to try"…
  • FLICKER- -

    Replied to the thread CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM - playing with kits and apprentices.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ —The kits all bounced around and nipped at her, puling her fur and asking her many questions. None of this bothered her. She was always happy to be around kits, no matter how pestering they could be. When hearing the low grumble of a toms voice
  • :} Nightstar:} -

    Replied to the thread She knows too much(p).

    She started to come to and look around the room. She was scared and felt dizzy. She tries to get up and find the door not knowing he was there.
  • F?âm? Pr??ç?š? -

    Replied to the thread You Kidnapped Me but You're A Vampire? (male vampire needed).

    She kept crying as she looked into the empty space, watching everything. Nyx sighed, "No one is ever going to look for me..." she muttered to herself, "I'm going to die here... and never go home... I'm nothing but a blood bank..." she put on her jacket,…
  • escaflowne -

    Replied to the thread ed n' eddy,, // dean.

    She rolled her eyes. "Right, right, yeah. Get out of here. Get me sparkle-faced bitch." She grumbled, flicking her tail. Without a thought, the ropes roared into cold blue flames. They ate away at the ropes, and they
  • (Poppykit) -

    Replied to the thread WINDCLAN CHAT/PLOT THREAD V.2.

    omfg monster wHY--
  • Pansypaw -

    Replied to the thread High Pos., Mods, + Cats Needed!.

    @tempest ! thank you for your interest!
  • Jenga -

    Replied to the thread SnowLeapord clan ~ roleplay.

    black-white.jpg Hide Spoiler (Hidden Content) Hiddenblizzard paused as a fresher scent hit his nose. He couldn't find the source, but he set his mouse down and looked around. "Is someone there?" He figured it couldn't hurt to ask. If there was, maybe…
  • N0ctum -

    Replied to the thread The Pack of the Secret Valley RolePlay {Semi-Advanced ~~ Advanced}.

    Your welcome! Its a crappy recap but that's most of the main/important details as of now
  • MidnightRoses -

    Replied to the thread Werewolf of the Hidden Mist (rp sign up included) (Males needed).

    Lennox Eden | Female | 26 | Werewolf | Wolf form Love Interest: None | Interacting with: The woman took her time taking in the forest she had grown to love. It may have not been her birth place, but it was a step up from the life she had been living