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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Ibycus -

    Replied to the thread help with a possible demon??? seriously i need help.

    Do you suffer from Sleep Paralysis? My mother suffered a similar experience. She saw a man on top of her with red eyes and felt a heavy pressure on her chest. Sleep Paralysis is a really powerful, scary experience. Dreams/nightmares can transcend the…

    Replied to the thread JUST ANOTHER [o, joining] LA DEVOTEE.

    It took him a moment to process what they had said, eventually offering a shrug in response. "Well, some pretty shitty things happened back at home so I decided to leave. You guys happened to be the closest." He wouldn't admit that it was a lie, and

    Replied to the thread I AM A GOD // open, joining.

    I AM DISGUSTED BY ALL THE INJUSTICE — littlestar — hawkclan — she/her — // lmfao she's just like that i'm sorry ;w;w; also who did you have here before??? Either way, love Lucifer, he seems well worded imo Littlestar watched angrily as he rolled his
  • Rivulet Dearray -

    Posted the thread We shall become stronger || Open, Riverclan invite || Together.

    Destiny is calling, immortality be mine — Rivulet Dearray — Riverclan — He, Him, HisRivulet had walked far to give a invite to Hawkclan about their training session, a gentle smile on his face but it was quite clear that he was a bit nervous. This was
  • hana song; -

    Replied to the thread MUSIC OF THE NIGHT ▽ SINGING.

    Truthfully, some of the lyrics had been lost on Hana: while she was impressively fluent in English, she had a hard time following the language when it was in song. But Hana didn't need to entirely
  • wildhunt. -

    Replied to the thread COOKIES ARE FOR DUMDUMS | OPEN, MURDER.

    SING IT FOR THE BOYS — riverclan — riverguard / mca — tags"Oh, come on." The canine would growl as he found the lifeless leopard near the border. His first initial thought was that it could have been Himiko or Titan maybe, but he remembered that he had
  • Mother-Of-Geese -

    Posted the thread W A R R I O R S [mulan insp // male needed // pafp].

    W A R R I O R S;; This is kinda a mess but I'm lazy bhabdhdhjadw I'm looking to do a mulan inspired rp, based in a similar era -- but not based in asia because i'm annoying like that & (mainly because swords are cool ggggg). I was planning on having
  • Rivulet Dearray -

    Posted the thread Now...I shall do a magic trick || Open, Ability Training!.

    Destiny is calling, immortality be mine — Rivulet Dearray — Riverclan — He, Him, HisRivulet stood a fallen trunk of a tree as there was a nice clearing that would be good for training, especially for those with abilities. He had made a announcement