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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • tempest ! -

    Replied to the thread Build your home with me |WINDCLAN HP LITTER| I will not complain.

  • melodic wolves. -

    Replied to the thread Sweet as milk & honey | Open.

    Minnownose nodded, and followed in line behind the male. He soon realized that the male must be blind, as he had not responded to his nod. "My dearest apologies, I did not realize.... I hope you can for give me for my rudeness." He quickly replied, fear
  • David Tennant -

    Replied to the thread | hunter and hunted |.

    Rose let out a small yelp of pain as he did so. It really hurt her. "D-Dave!" She called out loudly. She didn't know he had been knocked out. She was paralyzed by the grip he had on her neck.
  • Jenga -

    Now follows Minnownose.

  • lilpupin -

    Replied to the thread SnowLeapord clan ~ roleplay.

    Legendstreak: Legendstreak quickly swallowed a mouse she had caught and stretched. But she quickly crouched down into the shadows when she saw a white and grey cat, "a clan cat," she thought. Talonfire: He stood up, "okay, sounds good to me! Where to?"…
  • xXVrixxyXx -

    Replied to the thread One word:corrupted (Private).

    Dustin nodded and began leading her out eyeing the other angels. "Nothing is silly. We will do as you wish." He said holding her close to him.
  • Starflower~ -

    Replied to the thread Snowclan | Tempestclan | Polarclan | Duskclan Gathering Thread.

    OOC: I'm going to refrain from posting here any more so I don't flood the thread, so bring it over to the Chat Wolffang! c: Or PM me if you want it to be a surprise plot ;3 And that sounds fine if you want Mystery! Maybe Orangeflare caught Darksky and…
  • the hatter -

    Replied to the thread Our Happy Little [P]antheon (and other things that suck).

    ooc: boi you have no idea I'm going back to California. Though this time it's for a rowing race so ha.

    Replied to the thread ☆ ωнєη уσυ ωιѕн υρση α ѕтαя ☆{ραƒρ}.

    Soon enough, it was their turn to board the plane. Ben gave the lady his boarding pass and she scanned it. He headed through the terminal, waiting in line to get on the plane. Taking a glance back, he motioned for Megan to come to him. If they had any
  • sparkler -

    Replied to the thread Crazy, CRAZY Million- [private for spark and i].

    Delaney bit her lip, then nodded ever so slightly. "N-No, but I could use a hug..." she breathed softly, looking up at him with wide eyes.