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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • loveletter -


    I lowkey just woke up
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread demon slayer.

    he sighed
  • SpiritMoon11 -

    Replied to the thread TempestClan (New Beginning's Join here!!).

    How should i jump in?
  • ThePsychopath -

    Replied to the thread The Orphanage for the Strange and UnUsual (RolePlay Thread).

    OOC Comments/Notes A brief set of notes or comments to other Roleplayers
    Bettterrr beeeee @we are all mad here
    Father "I'll live with you for centuries to come, always by your side. I'll never leave."
    Not Available
    Alexa "Home is where everything's
  • IGNAZIO C. -

    Replied to the thread SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (o, capture).

    Ignazio blinked several times at the apprentice. His hazel eyes then narrowed, letting out a scoff. If anything, what she said was sarcasm, and he hoped that it was sarcasm. The red dingo let his gaze wander, past the people gathered around him to the…
  • Jaggedsight -

    Wrote a comment on Jadefeather12’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Nooo I come back and you are gone?!?
  • Kicksie -

    Replied to the thread How old do you think I am?.

    ARE YOU CALLING ME OLD YOU WHIPPERSNAPPER?? Haha you're getting a bit closer cx Wow do I really seem that young
  • Blackvision -

    Liked Dizzy’s post in the thread OOH BABY [&] MEETING 03/04.

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    2mrwgv6.jpg Foxfire male - 12 moons - difficult - thunderclanclan His first meeting! He wasn't sure what to expect when he heard the yowl echo through camp. Fox had only been there since yesterday afternoon, so everything was still relatively new to
  • Wuldraider -

    Replied to the thread Medieval rp chat thread.

    Idk what to do XD I just have this fortress being besieged and Carigan defending it.
  • Whitestone -

    Replied to the thread the-tsaso-pride-rp thread.

    Archie jumped down from Cillian, as he was beginning to loose balance, he turned around to grab Arthur, who jumped off of Cillian as well, Arthur hang from the side of the gorge "Archie help me!" He said "I'm... I'm trying!" He said, trying to pull…