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  • dragon! -

    Replied to the thread important links !.

    Oh I think that's good! The arts board covers the coding part and it seems like a great welcoming letter to newcomers and people returning!!
  • rebel belle. -

    Now follows ripped pants..


    Replied to the thread Wanna RP a Cute Little BoneClan Bear Cub?.

    i can throw a black bear cub in there! I'll make the form/sub when I get home from work

    Replied to the thread I WILL BE THERE | open, rejoining..

    #A9BCF5 for speaking She blanched slightly at the usage of the name of one of the many Blizzardclanners who had left the clan one way or another, her head hanging low as she approached the group, ultimately lacking the bright personality she had before
  • Finch Harbringer -

    Replied to the thread Finch's Gallery.

    KrRyIdY.png by Reverie [code]KrRyIdY.png
  • Katey76762 -

    Replied to the thread don't let them take you | pafp |.

    "I know, I didn't want to yell, but I just got angry about what has happened to me and you were right there and I ended up letting it out on you. I don't want to hurt you like that"
  • DiamondPuppy -

    Replied to the thread Life On the Streets (RP! Sign-up link inside).

    She growled. "Don't call me sweetheart." She snapped. Kiara let the male free. "And I'm supposed to believe you were out for a stroll, at midnight?!" She demanded. The short claws on her paws were starting to sink into the ground, ready to rip out dirt.…
  • PenguinCafe -

    Replied to the thread Reach Out Your Hand And Tell Me Just What You Feel (Private).

    Lynn was still a little frozen. Finally speaking up, her voice was a little raspy, "I..." she furrowed her eyebrows. Taking a deep breath, her cheeks calmed down and she looked up at the girl. Scratching the back of her head, she was trying to find an…
  • /Crybaby/ -

    Replied to the thread OFFICIAL CHAT + CHEESE THREAD.

    --tracking w/ this account
  • honkfriend -

    Liked dragon!’s post in the thread post limit?.

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    Ah, ok! Thank you you two!!