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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Jenga watched him with a strange look on her face. My only friend.. knowing he'd take it badly, she decided to get it over with. "I've thought about joining Skyclan. I can't guarantee I'll stay with them, I'll probably be forced to leave anyway. But, I…
  • "You were told this is our home. Our borders are well-marked. And instead, you walk further into them." Getting his paws back under him, Dawnguard's words were ice, his muscles coiled, and claws unsheathed. "I have no time for games. Even less for a
  • Hopes~Wings -

    Replied to the thread OakClan (RP Thread / Sign-UP Link Inside / Members Only!).

    Ravenstar looked at the ground in thought. The cats had a point, but she didn't trust these rogues either. She was beginning to feel trapped. "Very well. Nightstorm and myself will go with you Nightmare to talk to Smoke. But, do no think this means I am…
  • Scxrii -

    Replied to the thread More Than Physical. [ PAFP ] [ G X G X G ].

    A quiet breath escaped her as she was pulled onto the bed, a small smile on her lips as she wrapped her arms around the girl who was on her lap now. Deep down, she knew that being close to this girl felt so fucking good.. But... What if she was close
  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer -

    Replied to the thread It's not that bad.

    "weell that's good then I did my best to move in here and out of my paretns home"
  • Star Child -

    Replied to the thread Chum, buddy, pal, amigo (Private).

    Alphie rubs Blue's arms, "Blue tell me the truth." Asriel giggles, cuddling Chara clumsily. Milo huffs, "The only ones acting like kids are Chara and Asriel. This is Lydon's night anyway."
  • Jenga -

    Replied to a comment by Jaggedsight on Jenga’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    That would be interesting.. wait and see, she'll probably have to run since she's outnumbered, but she'll be back for that one.. :P if the others stay inactive though, Dawnguards gonna have a fight. If it comes to that, it's your choice ;)
  • XanaduTheGreat -

    Replied to the thread It's not that bad.

    Yung Jua nodded. "I like you a lot better than Grandma." She murmured, looking up at him. "I'd rather stay with you and Viper instead."
  • no. -

    Liked Kicksie’s post in the thread pretty words.

    Like (Post)
    my favorite word ever is luminescent it just sounds so pretty
  • WafflesbelikeNYANCAT -

    Replied to the thread a casual affair? [p]fft -- WafflesbelikeNYANCAT.

    The male froze for a few seconds, then slowly turns back to her. He didn't know how she knew, or if she even meant what she said, though he couldn't just rub off something like that... "What did you say?"