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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • dream marky -

    Replied to the thread YouTuber Thread — Guide && Sign-Ups — Semi-Advanced — Open for All.

    Accepted! And I love Tyler, too, but I don't have a crush on him lol [I have one on Mark XD] But I'm 5'7" and I weight 112.5 pounds :P.
  • Sparrowstar -

    Replied to the thread This was no accident.... {PRIVATE}.

    Caspian kissed her lovingly on the lips and smiled. He looked exhausted and weaker than usual as well as a bit slimmer than the last time she had seen him. He had devoted his whole career on finding her and retrieving Angelica from her kidnapper.
  • FRISK; -

    Replied to the thread RUNNING DOWN TO THE RIPTIDE / KIDNAPPED X2.

    bumping up so it doesnt get drowned out! damn this place is fast
  • karin kurosaki. -

    Replied to the thread so....

    Hugs back! Omg really? I'm so glad you like her!! She has changed so much from the start and I honestly had no clue this is what would happen to her after two to three years. omg sock that sounded so morbid - admittedly unintentional, but morbid none…
  • julyninth -

    Replied to the thread THE RIFT: OFFICIAL CHAT THREAD V.3.

    slides into chat
  • cyan -

    Posted the thread ONLY TWO OPTIONS : WIN OR DIE | plot with a peanut.

    「 han "peanut" wang-ho ( 한왕호 ) 」
    please stop me from playing and watching league of legends my relationship is suffering Anyways; I currently have a character going by Peanut who's a small child who basically tries to act like he's cool, isn't really
  • Skypher ! -

    Replied to the thread SWEET TEA [♥] ART DUMP + CHAT.

    ill probably draw some stuff today at school. Any siggestions?
  • pure -

    Liked Skypher !’s post in the thread SWEET TEA [♥] ART DUMP + CHAT.

    Like (Post)
    cant be friends with maple without drawing a cipher. Better?
  • pure -

    Replied to the thread SWEET TEA [♥] ART DUMP + CHAT.

  • wild. -

    Replied to the thread fogclan // roleplaying thread!.

    Woken suddenly by the sound of Turtlestar screaming her head off from Highrock, Whisperpaw opened a single eye. She gave a low grumble, rolling over in hopes of extra sleep before the leader started screaming again. She knew it was a clan meeting, but