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  • Artemis -

    Replied to the thread I did not see that coming. (P with LuvAmy).

    I'm just not sure I believe you, that's all. The abyss of despair slowly yawning up inside of Spirit seemed to overly confirm this. And it's not that you haven't seemed trustworthy, it's that I can't understand why you wouldn't want to kill me. Why any
  • Andy gave a small sigh of relief just hearing that Caelum thought differently"I don't blame you for doing so...So.."He mumbled as he rubbed his eyes quietly looking behind him to see the skull he through on the floor up the street"Let's try to forget…
  • RedFoxO2 -

    Replied to the thread PolarClan || Chat & Plot Thread....

    @DeathOfABeauty Oh, alright. And the kit could be his niece, this is going to be interesting.
  • Mossheart~ -

    Replied to the thread AetherClan: Sign-ups.

  • BILL CIPHER ?! -

    Replied to the thread get outta here [♡] o; bill cipher needed.

    What had they done now? Seriously! Bill would have been able to answer the question before, with their little "dare", but now? Nothing came to mind. Did Corrupt take over and they blacked out? That was certainly plausible. Bill tried to contact the…
  • Panthalossa. -

    Posted the thread Trad character bandwagon?.

    Hey! Have you guys heard of Mossflight of ThunderClan Wind of ToRW
  • Faust -

    Replied to the thread This Shit's About To Kick Off // Joining.

    How did Pyromania become Niall? He wouldn't be able to figure it out but perhaps it was a middle name or something? Kids still did that right? Faust wasn't very aware of that kind of name shadig anymore, after all, this was the fuck who dropped his
  • xSxndy -

    Replied to the thread Private Supernatural RP.

    Uriel chuckled at how cute Yuuki was before looking at his phone. Meanwhile Haku just blushed and put his head down, thinking.
  • AHHH THANK YOU What would our plot be? After Yona gets her kingdom back???
  • cygnus -

    Replied to the thread Return of a broken soldier {Private}.

    Madeleine watched Charlie approach her and she smiled, closing the space between them down to a few inches. She greeted him with a small peck on his cheek, mindful that this was his workplace. "Hello, dear. It is safe to say that dysentery will be a