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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Ash (Porcupine) -

    Replied to the thread Set it All Free.

    AWW me to the rescue for you and Ash to teh recue for her The day was started as usual for Ash and Ater some time She walked ot the gardens to check on Toma worry spreading through her about the male knowing full well hed been hurt and knowing ull…
  • Brooke Haufling -

    Replied to the thread Why me when you can have any other girl PAFP.

    Wayne was busy organizing the last few bags, before transfering the food to the fridge. He left a couple things out, inclusing salmon and some steak from the fridge. He would have to prepare dinner for both Ellie and Sabina and him. "Nope, you can just…

    Posted the thread Artists?.

    So basicalllyyy, I'm looking for suggestions of good artists/open shops right now? I've got a cheetah dressed in egyptian clothing that I would like drawn and my skills say 'nope you can't draw this very well.' xD Thanks!

    Replied to the thread THE RIFT MERGER: PLOT TRACKER.

    Yeah, that's fine! Ooo...yeah, I think I like that one better. The black tip on the other badge's sword kinda throws me off. If that's okay I can assign the badge to the current HPs and then as we promote more we can give badges to them Treble!
  • Pride&Prejudice -

    Replied to the thread I'm not a monster!(Changeling x Pony,Pafp,Mare needed).

    "Really I wouldn't mind it much well if i was a changeling it wouldn't matter how I feel becuase I am no lomger the saem pony." Anastasia knew she rambled a bit and that didn't make much sense but it made sense to her.
  • Lionshield -

    Replied to a comment by Lionshield on XanaduTheGreat’s wall.

    Wall Reply
  • Reluctant_Raven -

    Replied to the thread Elements Brought Us Together (Private @Reluctant_Raven).

    Aden didn't say anything else herself as she only gave a huff and turned back toward the counter.
  • Sparrowstar -

    Replied to the thread This was no accident.... {PRIVATE}.

    Caspian smiled and soon pulled back a bit "Let's go get some icecream,how does that sound?" He asked with a small chuckle.
  • pen. -


    hey you guys! just finished pre-calc thank god mobile