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  • aleksander m. -

    Replied to the thread plot with the awkward witch kitty.

    actually, i do not mind the age gap! i had him crushing on a character who was around 8 moons older than him before, so it's perfectly fine by me! :)
    thoughts "speech" actions
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  • Freckle ~ -

    Replied to the thread Demons are Fun~ ((PAFP))((B x B)).

    Arien didn't care much about the gender of the demon, Arien never cared whom he showed affection for. He constantly received women's attempts to win him over, but didn't often work out for him, with them bringing him quite a deal of trouble in the past.…
  • Sparrowstar -

    Replied to the thread Master and Servant (GxB, male vampire needed).

    Mordecai smiled lovingly at her "Good..." he said as he used his hand to gently move her chin up to look at him. He leaned in and kissed her softly once more. He had his arms around her as he kissed her.
  • Circuitskid -

    Replied to the thread Making a clan.

    I'm not sure maybe Frostclan and Shadeclan can be neutral or friends only because they both live in the forest?
  • Emberpool -

    Replied to the thread RADICALCLAN BLIND DATE #10.

    Emberpool wasn't exactly anyone's dream guy. His white coat was rather unpleasant at the current moment considering there were splotches of stained blood upon it. Nobody would have thought this guy was a medic! But who cares? The large tom sauntered
  • //just gonna leave this here... (Hidden Content) Also boop
  • Kuro-Kun -

    Replied to the thread Chum, buddy, pal, amigo (Private).

    Chara chuckled and held Asriel's hand. ''First...You want to make sure you and the person you want to fuse with have a strong bond in some way...You don't want to have an unstable fusion!'' He said, shivering a little as he thought about Arabella and
  • lilpupin -

    Replied to the thread Boulder clan role-play {sign up inside}.

    Talonfire smirked at Emberfang and looked back to Fennelspots, "okay let's go." He walked out of the camp, already heading toward the kitty pet border, trusting she would follow.
  • Sillvy -

    Replied to the thread Bleach Roleplay.

    Haku frowned, eventually realizing that he hadn't given chase. Slowing down, she sighed, catching her breath. By the time she had caught her breath, Mure had caught up. Smiling a bit, she rubbed the wolves head, before she took off at a fast walk.…
  • Scooter The Noodle -

    Replied to the thread The Prince and The Dragon.

    "That's cute. a literal representation of what humans believe marriage is about. But, what if one is unfaithful to the other? Or, do dragins even have something like that?"