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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

Recent Activities

  • REIKO. -

    Replied to the thread PLOT WITH VALENTINE.

    Maybe a thread between him and my girl Blake?
  • Skypher ! -

    Replied to a comment by yes. on Skypher !’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    : D
  • _CloudKit_ -

    Replied to the thread Quiet... (open, introduction).

    CloudkitYOU & I, WE COULD FLY, TIL WE DIE She had gotten to know most of the elders since she and them were stuck in camp together. The kit also liked a good story from time to time and some of the tells were really amazing and hard to believe. Like

    Replied to the thread WINDCLAN CHAT/PLOT THREAD V.2.

    -hugs cassian- shh shh its ok
  • Miss Ririchiyo -

    Replied to the thread Delphox x Blaziken | private!.

    "Sounds like a good idea. I work at a circus nearby. I know this area quite well." Delilah chimed, picking the fallen oran berries up out of the river slowly. "Do you come from around here?" She asked, beginning to walk to the direction of the field,…
  • yes. -

    Replied to the thread How old do you think I am?.

    your at the ripe age of 49
  • Queen Lucy -

    Replied to the thread Remember Me? - Nalu RP - Pafp.

    Lucy kept frowning, trying her hardest to keep up with Natsu. She looks down at looks down as they went, not sure if she really wanted to do this.
  • Ashur. -

    Replied to the thread The Academy.

    She took a nap
  • Sombra. -

    Replied to the thread Medieval rp chat thread.

    I want to leave her where she can be interacted with but, eh.
  • yes. -

    Wrote a comment on Skypher !’s wall.

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    I love you bby