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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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    Replied to the thread take up your spade • westeros visitor.

    seraphina wolfgang they offered him a knowing smile. diane had acted the same way. diane... no. they shook their head ever so softly to shake away the fond thoughts of their friend. "just call me sera," they told him.
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  • CrimsonCrystal -

    Replied to the thread You Kidnapped Me but You're A Vampire? (male vampire needed).

    Samuel barely had time to think as he jumped off the tree after Nyx. In midair he caught her and turned so that he would take the impact once they hit the ground. "Brace yourself!" He warned right before he felt his back smash into the dirt. Samuel…
  • Jadefeather12 -

    Replied to the thread Where they were {sign ups} (horse role-play).

    Yeah. At first, when the fight between Eros and Striker was ending, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with Striker, as he wasn't turning out how I planned, and then I didn't know where to go from there. But once he was in the herd I figured out what…
  • Frenchie Booper -

    Replied to the thread The Hidden Realm: Rewritten //Roleplay Thread// Sign up Link Inside.

    ~Past~ Another pair of guards came up on the door previously protected by the soldiers who were currently wrestling. A tall, lanky man dressed in fine robes yelled at them to stop, stating how it was 'an insult to our cause' and that 'royalty was…
  • Sheogorath -

    Replied to the thread OFFICIAL CHAT + CHEESE THREAD.

    Thanks friend, I'll reply when I can
  • Samisaur -

    Replied to the thread | Three's A Crowd |.

    Lienid Dubois The White Crystal Kingdom Shiny Furfrou "No one has to pack the punch of a Legendary to be legendary."
    ____________________________________________________________ Once the doctor had left the
  • David Tennant -

    Replied to the thread | hunter and hunted |.

    Rose groaned after he left her. She wasn't laying on the ground. She looked for Dave and saw him knocked out. She took a deep breath. Her head was spinning. She get her eyes shut as she passed out as well.
  • Nornslayer -

    Replied to the thread Lakeview Correctional Summer Camp || Sign Up.

    @Sanctuaryforall1 Accepted, pm me so we can discuss history Friendo Rp thread will be up soon, I promise.
  • lilpupin -

    Replied to the thread The Pack of the Secret Valley RolePlay {Semi-Advanced ~~ Advanced}.

    Quote from lilpupin: “May: May ran back in the other direction as he heard Riker. She ran as fast as she could, soon seeing him. "Riker," she called, "do you need help?" She ran up to his side, "I can help you, what happened?" ” *shrugs* well, now I…

    Replied to the thread WINDCLAN CHAT/PLOT THREAD V.2.

    #8F75C3 #FE2E64 for speaking heheheheheh im gonna do it or at least write somethign just as uncomfortable
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