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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • Vic -

    Posted the thread [ ; ].

    Claude Louis 5 years ago There had to be another way-- another way to fix all of this. Those were his thoughts as he sat in the hospital waiting room with his head lowered and his hands pulling at the strands of hairs. For him he had a few stitches

    Replied to the thread {Private} Everything is Gay -Tolek Edition-.

    Toshi chuckled as he carefully stood up, finishing off his cupcake. "Well, I'll say the wait was worth it~" He said while leaning up on the tips of his toes. He pressed a small kiss on Alek's cheek, just to kind and all. Did he want to be boyfriends with…
  • DragonSpirit -

    Replied to the thread Existing is a sin (Persona 5/Blue Exorcist) so that's why we hide.

    "I believe I have a theory and I don't believe I like it." Queen frowned. "You remember how they accused us of contracting demons?" She asked. "If they continued this, then they may have been attempting exorcisms on us." She frowned. "It didn't work…
  • IMG_1826.jpg Strider Lannister and Dagda Greyjoy fight over a bag. Strider Lannister strangles Dagda Greyjoy with the strap and runs. IMG_1827.jpg Sylmae Winzor attacks Ace Lannister, but Oliver Stark protects him, killing Sylmae I only did Mae by…
  • Benjamin. -

    Replied to the thread SONS OF SNOW / open.

    Benjamin, well, he'd seen one dragon so far during his short lifetime. That dragon, it hadn't been apart of any of his own homes and instead had been a traveler like this one was apparently. A young one, too. Smaller than the size of the one that'd been
  • Nama330 -

    Replied to the thread Our crazy little family || Private.

    Ooc:Okay then! The redhead started to make her way over to the table until Katya decided to say something that stopped her dead in her tracks. "Excuse me?" She hissed turning to face the brunette with an anger filled glare. "What the hell is that
  • Shiranai San -

    Replied to the thread When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid..

    He nodded and took Mika in his arms.
  • rinny- -

    Replied to the thread fighting the good fight [avatar the last airbender inspired rp] open.

    Maaaaajor wip
    tumblr_nw5rb5PtAc1tnzzp3o3_1280.png MIKIO MIDDLENAME LASTNAME (Hidden Content) #princessofhearts((c)) [/spoiler]
  • Nornslayer -

    Replied to the thread fighting the good fight [avatar the last airbender inspired rp] open.

    @wild card ily bby You is my bestie as well Okay so who are they fighting again?

    Replied to the thread get off my lawn -- open, intro.

    Sel chuckled. "It sounds as if even now you're skeptical." She commented when she finished her short laugh. "Well, perhaps you'll share them on the way to the island?" True they'd just found a new island, but Sel was an ambitious creature looking to grow