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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

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  • ELLIOT. -

    Replied to the thread SAID THE JOKER TO THE THIEF | p, sanepaw.

    THIS TIME I'LL BE BULLETPROOF Elliot raised her eyebrow at her mistake - she'd never been able to tell whether it was 'ston' or 'stone'. But damn, this guy seemed like a nerd. As he poked her shoulder, the femme batted his hand away jokingly. "I liked
  • Teo Halm -

    Replied to the thread Cities Have Fallen (RP Thread,Dog RP, Open to Everyone).

    Eclipse ran back to the leading she and reported what had happened and the sorrowful howls that followed. She then backed up and folded herears back to assure her submission. The bold she listened tentatively before giving a slow nod of approval. The…
  • Jaggedsight -

    Replied to the thread SLEEPOVER TIME — open, sleepover for kids.

    04909effa96b160e43a7ff0a3590f783.jpg Silentsaber/Male/19 moons/The Sanctum/Mute/Hunter OOC: IC: Silentsaber found himself in there, pawing at a pillow in wonder. What the heck was this? Why'd he never seen one before? Maybe that kick to the throat he
  • "Thanks for the offer but I already made plans. Me and my parents are going to italy, it's like a family tradition at this point." She said, the topic of parents reminding her to check up on them; which she pulled out her phone to do.
  • jude. -

    Posted the thread NEW YORK BOUND; plotting..

    I wanna do a reall angsty yet fluffy roleplay. it can be bxb / bxg / or even gxg. Anything's fine. But like, I haven't been able to come up with plots for a few days so? yikes send help. "
  • dandelion -

    Replied to the thread take this boy's 1st life?.

    When were you thinking of doing it? I'm on vacation rn so I don't know when I'd have time for a proper post ya know
  • louise. -

    Replied to the thread HOW DID YOU GET SO (O, RETURN) COLD.

    louise w.k.p.h.p.g.n.m . shadowclan, bloodclan, and the rift . duskreacher [shc] member [bc] member [tr] KEEP TALKING SMACK, I DONT GIVE A SHIT — tags
    lou had not been that affected by ashbringer's death and return, as she had run away like a cowards
  • ELLIOT. -

    Replied to the thread I burn up : open, chat AU with allies.

    eli: ayyyy
  • axolotl2 -

    Replied to the thread Bejeweled Heart ❥ (PAFP)(Boy x Boy).

    With his father believing the lie he was told, Elliot was sure that Johnny would be sticking around for quite some time. Though, he definitely wouldn't be escaping his father later without a thorough tongue-lashing later, and probably a little more than…
  • dandelion -

    Replied to the thread hello staff, question about the trad. clans.

    My suggestion would be to google maps some place in England (i believe the canon takes place there?) so we have an actually picture/area to explore instead of fictional. It would make things easier in a way for referring to landmarks.