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Traditional RP will no longer allow non-canon breeds, but existing characters that are non-canon are grandfathered in. More information can be found here.

Hey, check out the harsh, battle driven, and desert dwelling ext. Bloodclan!

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  • rary just following aza wherever he goes? "Wtf do you want" Brother why must you be so cold?? "You're stalking me!!" talking would be good But I'm a wimp so.. hehe Also rary don't feel too best up about it I think they're just feeling weird about all…
  • Wolfie -

    Replied to the thread MurkyClan || Semi-advanced || Roleplay.

    Morningstream looked at the still born "i would have named him.. Pebblekit" she said, "he should be buried.. no need for the whole clan to mourn" she said, it would only make her feel worse for the clan pitiful stares darting to her, she gave the kit…
  • Blake would divert her gaze, still a little awkward as Melody patted her chest. She would get the gesture, but was perhaps unsure as to how she would respond in any way.

    Replied to the thread HELP WITH A CHARACTER?.

    EVERYTHING IS GREY - HIS HAIR, HIS SMOKE, HIS DREAMS and now he's so devoid of color, he don’t know what it means—
    xxxxxHeh, I just happen to have a demon character right here. Greyscale doesn't understand anything about the world, so his personality is
  • Sailor Song -

    Replied to the thread I Didn't Do It! {PAFP} (Male Vampire or Human Needed!).

    Luna nodded happily an took hi hand softy, "Then let's."
  • Fletch -

    Replied to the thread Fish tanks! ^.^.

    I dont know whether to question you, or admit how lucky you are... I've wanted a snake for so long just make sure he's healthy!
  • Dovepaw. -

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    Wall Reply
    Thanks but this is just a subbaccount haha
  • Cass is Busy -

    Replied to the thread The Mighty 6: Masters Of The Elements.

    OOC: hey, I love plotting character development! It's my favorite, something that's equally as necessary as having a plot!

    Posted the thread perfectly imperfect | open + dual joining.

    TAGS — Marzipan hadn't really had too much interaction with BlizzardClan yet. She'd wanted to go with Duchess when the Crown had gone to check-up on them, but unfortunately she'd been rather flooded with her duties that day. However, she was finally
  • wild card -

    Replied to the thread titans go! [rp-thread].

    The alien that was carrying Corona dropped her as he was shot. Squirming around some more she finally moved her hand where she could shoot a starbolt at the remote. These people were taking too long for her liking. Cursing herself in her head for being…