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You guys like my new cat? Comment if you get the joke behind the name!


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  • I don't get the joke but I love the cat!
    What is the joke?
    • Todoroki is an anime character commonly referred to as
      Half n half
    • Oh, duh.
      Why did I not get that?!
  • What was the price? Lol
    • Free. He was limping in my alley, so I swooped him up and took him inside. He was so covered in mud, I thought he was a black cat. But nope! He's a chimera!

      Do you get the joke?
    • I do not understand the joke, but are you sure this is your cat? Cause I have already seen the exact same cat on the internet multiple times.

      Im kinda a huge nerd when it comes to felines
    • This is my cat. I just noticed the similarities! That's cool
    • God, they could be siblings!
    • ...