Quietsong's Departure

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A blanket of snow, fresh and softly laden upon the earth, crinkled almost mutely as paws pressed into it. They left an imprint trail upon the white ground that spanned seemingly endlessly. These paws that almost ghosted over the snow belonged to a cat whose pelt was an almost perfect match to the ground she walked upon. Only patches of bluish gray fur tainted the otherwise pristine white of her body. Even her eyes of silvery blue, though bright and gleaming, blended better with the snow than those patches.

She had been traveling for a while now. Just how long was unclear, as her trail of paw prints grew faint after a couple meters, covered by the snow that the winds carried in their gentle breezes. All one could guess was that she was leaving somewhere to go elsewhere. She paused once in her step, allowing herself a moment to look back at whatever it was she was leaving. Her eyes glimmered with some unknown emotion, and then she looked away and kept on walking.

The only indication that she had ever been there was marked by the quickly vanishing trail in the snow.


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  • Wow, those are great proportions, I really like it!