Magic, Supernatural and Apocalyptic RPGs

RPGs of these kinds fit great in this board.

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Pinned Dragon and Adoptables Egg Clicking Thread!

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Pinned Hunger Games Chat Thread {non-roleplay}!

3,837 2,130

Pikachu !

Pinned Some tips to making a dragon character!

100 +1 2,726


Pinned How to prevent spam/uninvited guests on your threads. 100% effective!

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The Children of Death and God. Entering New Earth

40 575


unknown feelings (rp w/spookkky)

33 179


❆ The Frozen Heart ❆ - ROLEPLAY - Sign-ups Inside

372 4,631


Wait a moment (Greek demi god thread. sign ups inside!) You can hear him too?

475 3,118


a casual affair? [p]fft -- WafflesbelikeNYANCAT

  • tubig.
  • tubig.
40 175


The Hexed Necklace (Private)

539 2,732

Wolfsbane Shadowmoor

Breached Heart (PAFP, male needed)

1 67

Hyper Metal Sonic

Deadly Fate Or Just a Dark Journey? (private!)

2,263 6,580

Wolfsbane Shadowmoor

{Private, for septiplieraway}

341 +1 2,590


I'll change you like a remix then I'll raise you like a Phoenix! (PAFP)

58 204

Hyper Metal Sonic

Draconic transcendence (Third Incarnation, PRIVATE)

3,916 4,556


I'd Hate to Look into Those Eyes and See an Ounce of Pain (private)

43 299


you really suck at goodbyes, you know that? (zombie apocalypse, rp thread)

69 509


log-in: e v a

59 468


Biohazard: Outbreak! (Roleplay. Sign-up inside.)

1 14


Maximum Ride inspired RP anyone?

17 89