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Pinned Roleplay Ad Thread--Advertise HERE! {On-site RPs only.}

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Aron the Aron

Pinned FeralFront has a new anime based sister site!

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Pinned How to prevent spam/uninvited guests on your threads. 100% effective!

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yoυ ĸnow yoυ нave ѕoмeтнιng real wнen even dιѕтance can'т ĸeep yoυ aparт||private w/Umbra

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Umbra Inimictias

wнaт coυld ι нave done wιтнoυт нer?||private w/Umbra||welcoмe тo тнe rғa...

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тo love ѕoмeone wнo ιѕ вroĸen||black butler, pafp||yoυ're proвaвly вroĸen yoυrѕelғ

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Umbra Inimictias

These walls are our thin line of faith in this world...(PRIVATE with Reluctant_Raven) So we have to thicken it.

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An Unpredictable [Drrr!!x1: Izaya needed] New Comer [pafp]

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Umbra Inimictias

My Heart is Wide Open []Private[]

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~Good Morning Aperture Laboratories!~ Roleplay Thread

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Heavy is the Cost [p]

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SPN The Archangel's War

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fighting the good fight [avatar the last airbender inspired rp] open

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wild card

titans go! [rp-thread]

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wild card

alexander, you're the closest friend I've got {p}

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Tokyo Ghoul

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Dark Halo

Such innocence [Bxb Pafp] is sad

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When I wake up (BxB Pafp) I'm Afraid.

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Who's your daddy and who's your mmmy two guys with no experince thts who p

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Ash (Porcupine)

We'll never leave each other!(Private with Reluctant_Raven)

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