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Pinned How to prevent spam/uninvited guests on your threads. 100% effective!

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Pinned Posting innapropriate content WILL get you suspended.

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Master and Servant (GxB, male vampire needed)

1,750 6,883

The Raven

I Didn't Do It! {PAFP} (Male Vampire or Human Needed!)

2,541 2,169

Sailor Song

A Hybrid Secret | ~ Private for me and Possiblejr ~ |

104 8,089

s t o r m y

The Curse! (private!)

148 524

Wolfsbane Shadowmoor

Hunter's Love[PRIVATE,BXB, M]

2,917 7,377

Ash (Porcupine)

NO going Back[Gay rp PAFP]

6 1,488

Ash (Porcupine)


0 13

You Kidnapped Me but You're A Vampire? (male vampire needed)

500 1,762

F?âm? Pr??ç?š?

Drip Drop... The Sound of Blood... (PAFP, BxG, Male Vamp Needed)

214 2,311

The British One

This Century Might be Our Downfall (GxB, Male needed, Pafp, Semi/Advanced)

33 227


Secrets by Starlight (p)

0 12

I am your human servant.I will do whatever you like.{PAFP/MALE VAMPIRE MASTER NEEDED}

17 121

Danny phantom

You're Not Going to Hurt Me? {PAFP} [Male Vampire Needed!]

133 1,031

Sailor Song

Innocent or Guilty?!

65 256

Red Phantom Wolf

Vampires! Plot with me!

  • taimiru
  • Kaz
2 33


Never Thought We Would End Up Like This. {PRIVATE}

33 173


Looking For People To Roleplay With! {ALWAYS OPEN!}

19 82

Ashley Rose Husteca

Don't say you love me till you know it (vampire boy needed)

115 935

F?âm? Pr??ç?š?

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